What medications can be taken by pregnant women

clear that pregnancy is not a disease.But this condition weakens the body of the future mother.After all, his strength is now sent out to grow a spark of future life.And it is not surprising that the immune system of a pregnant woman is exposed to a severe test.So from time to time, pregnant women have to take medication.But, of course, medicines they can not all of the standard home kit requires serious revision.Let's find out what medicines pregnant women can take?

Add to multivitamins

old truth that the disease is easier to prevent than to cure fully valid in this case.Therefore it was not necessary to resort to more severe methods and drugs, support your body multivitamins needed him now more than ever.Go to the pharmacy and buy a special package designed specifically for pregnant women.It should contain the following components:

vitamin B9 or folic acid .It is especially necessary in the first trimester of pregnancy, in order to prevent the development of anemia in the fetus, problems with b

lood clotting, malnutrition.Additionally, this vitamin is essential for the proper formation of the nervous system in the future baby;

vitamin E - natural natural antioxidant contributing to the conclusion of your body of free radicals that destroy the cells active.In addition, Vitamin E helps fight uterine tone, which means that it helps to prevent spontaneous abortion;

calcium - bone-forming system of the fetus.If it is insufficient, the calcium is taken from the parent organism, which can lead to the development of osteoporosis or dental disease;

vitamin D - extremely essential vitamin, without which it is impossible to assimilation by the body of calcium.In addition, the lack of this vitamin leads to the development of rickets in the future of the newborn;

iron , without which no synthesis of hemoglobin, and therefore, in pregnant women develop anemia.The disease leads to the fact that the fetus begins anoxia.After all, hemoglobin delivers oxygen delivery to all organs and tissues of the body.

What medications can be taken by pregnant

If overcome constipation fails in pregnant women may develop hemorrhoids.

What medications are pregnant, you can take a cold?It is best if you try to prevent it from happening, taking drugs increasing immunity, for example, immodium or interferon.In autumn and winter, especially when the raging epidemic, further lay in the nose oxolinic ointment.Well, if, despite all these precautions, the flu is still attached to you, do not use any artificial drugs tested are treated with folk remedies.


instructions Learn annotation to drugs.There must be indicated, it is possible to take this medicine is pregnant or not, as well as - in any trimester.The fact that the drug is completely safe in mid-pregnancy can be highly undesirable in its first few months.