Laurel useful properties

Used parts: bark, leaves, fruit.

Medicinal properties: carminative, aromatic, stomachic, astringent, improves digestion.

Description and application

For therapeutic purposes, used the bark, leaves and fruit of laurel tree.Bark little knits it is recommended to remove the stones from the kidney and bladder.It is an excellent remedy for diseases of the pancreas, spleen and liver.

Tea from berries laurel

How strong tea from the berries, and a poultice of it effectively relieves pain from the bites of snakes and insects.Tea also helps to cope with infectious diseases such as smallpox, typhoid fever, mumps and diphtheria;

This tea can be drunk, and can rinse their throats.It is very useful for tonsillitis, sore throat, and nasal disorders, as well as lung disease.

laurel berries help to restore the missing monthly and deal with the problems of the uterus.They also help during childbirth and relieve postpartum pain.

Tea made from berries is a good remedy for colds, flu, fevers, clarifies thou

ghts, improves eyesight, cleanses the lungs, treats chronic tuberculosis, cough and asthma, eliminates shortness of breath, expels worms, increases the flow of urine and prevents the formation of gas in the gastro-intestinal tract.

tea leaves, bark or berries can be added to the sitz bath, as it copes with the disease bladder and urinary tract, and relieves pain in the gut.When deletion and inflammation of the soft palate, use tea rinse, it will return to the place of the palate.

oil of laurel

Stout berry tea or oil well lubricated or rheumatic joints, medications based on these products are good for nervous disorders, rezyah in the gut or in the uterus;they remove cramps, chest pain and numbness in any part of the body.The oil is an excellent remedy for scabies, eczema and bruises.If after hitting the skin blackens, butter rolls blood and returns to her normal color.It also helps with sunburn.Berries, bark and leaves of laurel cure many diseases.


Boil a teaspoon of granulated bark roots Lavra cup of boiling water, let stand for half an hour and drink one to three cups a day.The berries get delicious cough syrup.