How to write the child's parents in the passport ?

Many parents love to travel, some leave still young children with grandparents, and some just decide how to take the child with them. Children can make out separate passports, or you can write them into your passport. In any of the cases there are specific features, how to do better only for you.

Rules for entering a child in the passport:

For children who fit into the passport of one or both parents issue a free visa without a consular fee. Separately, the passport is made for the child, if he travels the world alone or he will need to return one earlier or later than the parents. If the children cross the border, the border guards clearly state that the number of entering children should coincide with the number of people leaving. That is, in case you need to cross the border without a child. You just will not be released. It will not help any explanations and entreaties, even if it is a matter of life and death.

To enter your child in your passport is free of charge, when you receiv

e your passport, you must bring the child's data and four photos to the OVIR.

Only children can be inscribed in old passports and if your child has not reached the age of fourteen. After fourteen years, the child can already get only his passport. Most conveniently, if the child is inscribed in the passports of both parents. The law also stipulates that a child can be entered in the parents' passports and have their own passport.

Required documents for the entry of a child in the passport

If you received a passport and the child is not yet there, then you need to bring to OVIR the following documents: the original and a copy of the birth certificate, where there is a note on citizenship, four photographs on matte paper, your passport, a copy of the work book and 3 of your photos also on matte paper. The registration takes about a month. If the child is going to go only with one of the parents, then a notarized agreement from the second parent will be required. You can leave without the consent of one of the parents only in Egypt and Turkey.

You need to draw up documents according to all established rules, this will save you from unpleasant communication with the border guards in the future. Remember that nowadays, trafficking in children, child prostitution, kidnapping of children by divorced parents and others are widespread. Be as careful as possible.