How can I quickly disaccustom from your baby's nipples?

A dummy was invented to prevent children from sucking their hands and fingers. These kids managed to get rid of these bad habits, but parents faced a new problem: how to wean from the baby's nipple quickly and without problems, if the child has grown enough. Psychologists say that you need to do this very carefully and at a time when you are firmly convinced that the child will not experience discomfort.

Do not try to just take the nipple from the baby one day - wean from it gradually. To begin with, just try to reduce the time to use a dummy. This is facilitated by the cessation of feeding the child from a bottle with a pacifier and switching to spoons, plates, cups. Buy a beautiful and bright dish for the baby, which he wants to use - this will help the crumb for some time to forget about the nipple.

Try to distract the child with books, toys, walks. It is possible that in this case how to wean from the baby's nipple correctly, in general you can not think - the child himself will stop to th

ink about it.

It is extremely undesirable to use "grandmother's" recipes - spread the pacifier with mustard or pepper. The taste sensations in a child are too developed, and sharp bitterness, acid or other unusual taste can provoke stress. Especially you do not know if the baby is allergic to one or another component, and salted, acidic or sharp foods may well cause it.

Do not humiliate the child in the presence of others, even if he can not( for now!) Give up the nipples. Replicas "You behave like a little", "But, Ira from the 25th apartment does not suck a pacifier" does not help getting rid of bad habits. On the contrary, such actions can exacerbate the situation, and from an early age the inferiority complex will develop in the child.

There is a safe and easy way to wean the baby from the nipple. You just need to cut or pierce the tip of the pacifier with a needle. In this case, the nipple is inconvenient to use, and the baby, as a rule, after a while refuses it without any problems.

If you have a good acting talent and a developed imagination, then before deconstructing the baby's nipples quickly, think up a story about what the chanterelle has eaten a pacifier, or it was taken away by birds. You can also say that the pacifier was taken away by the fairy, which does this when the children become large.

You can quite give a nipple to another kid, turning this procedure into a whole ritual. The child is sure to be imbued with such a situation. Often inventive parents offer a child to "send a pacifier in the mail to Santa Claus or fairy", "grow a tree from a dummy" - in general, it all depends on your imagination. A little patience - and the child will forget about the bad habit!