How to make a garden design elements |Photo plan

source of inspiration for the creation of a particularly successful water and stone elements often serve as natural landscapes.Rock outcrops, boulders and streams running over the rocks offer a scheme that can be implemented on a smaller scale in the gardens of landscape style, where there are strong differences of the level.On a flat surface coating of limestone will be prevalent for alpine plants and small pebble beaches can be used to frame the elements of water.

water garden

Nothing enlivens the garden, the water, whether it is flowing or form a calm surface of the pond.You have created a source of water is preferable to pre-existing or natural body of water: you can not only choose the style and scale, but also to regulate the size of the reservoir.And the level of natural pools and streams, is fully dependent on rainfall, can not be controlled: in dry weather they are unpleasant spectacle of cracked mud cake and turned into dirty raging stream after a heavy rain.With artificial source of water

level of the reservoir can not suddenly fall, and a good system will not allow the flood spillway garden surroundings.Alternative permanent ponds - ponds Mobile, including fountains.They will save you water and electricity.You can also mount the timer, which will include their own pumps water pump and drive the other working devices.

How to make the design elements of the garden?

If you decide to build any type of water element, carefully study its structure, or seek help from a specialist.Do not forget to also look into local regulations.The fact that the strength of the structure, the correct mounting of pipes, pumps, filters and power - that's not all.Your water system must take into account the needs of any living being enjoying this reservoir.Under the living beings it is understood not only people, but also plants, fish, insects and their community.A thoughtful approach can help you decide what design and what materials are best suited to your garden with a view of its features, as well as that of the water element size you wish to have.

most important thing - you should decide to use artificial turf or construct a water element is made of natural materials.Professionals give advice on how to carry out routine maintenance, and explain when to fill the pond with water, run to fish and land plants.Despite the fact that the public water often has a high content of chemicals and nutrients, it is more predictable than natural sources, which are influenced by local conditions - there may fall fertilizer intended for lawn care or used by local farmers.

scale your water element should match the scale of the garden

Standing water - from the tiny pools of the lake where you can swim on a boat - always add interest in the garden.Flowing water will bring even more fun, whether you are a holder of a single fountain or in your garden have enough space for a multi-level water wall.In the garden, with a smooth surface strict channel or shallow, but fast stream look much more appropriate than the natural flow.The sharp change in the level - an opportunity to create vertical water element, such as a waterfall that looks informal and natural.Suitable cascade in the regular style - potentially it looks even more majestic waterfall.