How to make a place for sitting in the garden |Photo plan

That your lifestyle determines how an important part of the garden will be located in its furniture.If you spend a lot of time outdoors, often using the garden as a living room area with a paved floor is very desirable.The rigid surface is also needed where there are permanent bench.This is good not only for you but also for furniture: it will last much longer.If the ability to rearrange the furniture often a priority for you to choose such tables and chairs that are easy to move.

What materials can be seating in the garden?

choice of materials - wood, stone, metal and plastic - offers a variety of styles, both practical and decorative plan.You can always find something that meets the tastes and family, and the requirements of the climate of the region.The range of furniture is rich and varied: from lung samples that can be moved to follow the sun (or shade) to the built-in, permanent elements of the garden.You can connect a bench with a flower box, thus creating a low partition separates the patio f

rom the main part of the garden, and can arrange a closed area planted adjacent to the boundary wall.Preventive repairs and maintenance can also be different: with some furniture needs only to wash the dust, and more capricious structures made of wood and metal demand to be treated from time to time by special trains or painted.Existing upholstery also varied and available in waterproof versions.

Painted bench of brick and wood, built into the wall of the support, can become an integral part of your garden design.Wall forms the sides and back of the bench and provides the basis for the raised beds of grasses and low-growing shrubs.Place with a bench pleasantly shaded by plants, and the rear part of the wall is made slightly sloping, which makes the stay even more comfortable.

There brick flower box and bench are actually raised beds with built-in seat and storage.The seat of wooden slats have gaps to accelerate its drying after rain.Under the seat there is a box where the garden tools can be stored.The backrest has a slight slope back, and bricks with rounded corner spoon convenient form curved edge.The flower bed is best to plant fragrant plants.

How to make a place for sitting in the garden?

This bench is not only emphasizes the contours of the tree around which it is built, but also a shady place, where it is convenient to sit and enjoy the garden views.Since such benches are often made of metal sections (different variants of wood and metal), they are easy to mount in the form of a polygon rather than a circle.

Ā«gothicĀ» covered bench offers privacy and a sense of refuge, typical green arbor.This bench XVIII century style.constructed of wood;its supporting pillars have a beveled edge, and consist of a sheet panel boards.Traditionally, it is painted in muted, soft colors.The curved roof can be covered with bronze.

The main highlight of this bench is a universal design curved metal feet.They may be given intricate shapes taken from the flora and fauna, and it is possible to make a functional, low tide in the profile with straight sides.Seat and backrest Wide planks look warm and inviting.

design of this bench, popular in the early XX century., Especially well matched with the regular landscape.It is best suited for a bench bright colors, such as cream or natural color of unpainted wood.If you are going from time to time to make it into the house, take care of a brick or concrete base, recessed into the ground to mask.

Elegant "gothic" design of this bench was especially popular in the late XVIII - early XIX centuries.Painted in the traditional muted shades of blue or green, it is quite decorative, to serve in the garden species point.Metal staining and requires regular preventative maintenance.

This bench with elegant carvings reliable and personable.Made of not requiring special handling of solid wood such as teak or mahogany, it requires minimum maintenance.

This table for six people requires a lot of space: guests should feel free to get up and sit down by a lack of hustle at food service and drinks.In this regard, shown as a table size of 90 x 180 cm manages the space of the room the size of 3.65 x 4.65 m. Each chair takes 45 cm square.Clearly, for the less formal reception tables needed a smaller and therefore less space, but still people should be able to move freely.

enamelled steel furniture has clean lines that are so suited to the modern garden design.Table top of the table is made of toughened glass, and chairs have removable soft cover.There are also variants of the design when the steel is plated plastic.Choose a fabric for upholstery, she was not afraid to be outdoors, but its long-locate in the bright sun or in the rain still lead to premature wear and fading.

This picnic table suitable for any landscape than regular.This specimen with a round top and attached thereto seats will be a gathering place for the whole family.The wood, from which made the table, can be left unpainted, but treatment with varnish or impregnating composition is required.The table is usually always in the open air, and if you want you can easily re-install it into another garden place.