Beer useful properties of the drink

One of the German pharmacists recommended to women to give skin tenderness smear chest and face foam with beer.

Naturally, you can not use beer as a cure-all, but it still has some healing properties.Beer is able to speed up the metabolic processes in the body and rejuvenates the cells.In the experiment proved that people who regularly consumed moderate amounts of beer are subject to a slower aging than those who do not drink beer.Gerontologists have found that 1-2 beers every day help slow the aging of the organism.

Beer beneficial properties

If beer can help rid the body of all carcinogens and reduces the risk of cancer disease.Japanese researchers have shown that regularly consuming beer reduces the risk of disease by 2-3 times.Perhaps that is why over the last decade, the beer became a national drink in Japan.

well established that using an aluminum salt of beer derived from an organism.It is noted that any other liquid is not capable of.The perfect thirst quenching due to the high mineral con

tent and carbon dioxide that expand the capillary vessels in the mucous membranes of the digestive organs.Because of this fluid enters the bloodstream rapidly.

Beer is the only alcoholic beverage that contains hops bitterness, by which activates the secretion of gastric juice suppressed undesirable effects of alcohol.Substances that pass from the hops in beer, act as an analgesic, sedative and hypnotic agent, able to inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

Adjust sweating help beer bath.With strong perspiration to add to the bath a bottle of beer and a little lie down in it.The baths beer pouring on the hot stones, because the steam beer is very useful for the skin, making it silky field.The same thing happens with the whole organism.

to use different anti-wrinkle creams and masks made on the basis of beer.For example, the mask can be made on the basis of egg yolk, whipped with beer.This mixture is applied to the face.

There are many popular recipes with beer for the treatment of colds.For example, a spoon of honey to a cup of heated beer very quickly fights the symptoms of colds.You can also add a clove or cinnamon.

Another great-grandmother used beer as a perfect tool for hair styling.There are many shampoos, which include beer.They provide the same effect as the use of shampoo with conditioning, but also provide an additional positive effect on hair.You can apply a beer for a while on the hair.It brings back a healthy shine, elasticity and suspension fallout.

Doctors say that beer destroys kidney stones.American scientists have concluded that regular daily consumption of 330 grams of beer reduces the risk of heart attack by 50%.It contains a high density lipoprotein, blood vessels which cleans deposits from the negative.

Due to the high carbon dioxide content of beer, useful properties which contribute to rapid absorption into the bloodstream, enhances mucosal capillaries.

In some formulations of beer there are small amount of protein and amino acids, minerals, vitamins B and PP, as well as organic acids.In addition, beer is almost no sucrose and fructose, which is undesirable for the organism.