What are the elements to create a garden for people with disabilities

If you have a family have the elderly or someone with disabilities, you certainly want to garden it was comfortable and safe.Specially designed raised flower beds and flower boxes give such a person the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities, it is useful not only physically, but also mentally.

Visually, raised flower beds create change in the level;they bring the plant to a seated person or a person in a wheelchair.Most gardeners find that the raised beds facilitate cultivation of the soil, although there is required some effort: if held tool with a long handle at the waist, then the whole of its weight is on the arm, while at ground level you are relying on the tool, and its weight is transferred tosoil.

How to create a garden items for people with disabilities?

plot, where there are no sharp turns and corners, is best suited for wheelchair users and the visually impaired.Ideally, the tracks and recreation areas should be wide enough for them could pass a wheelchair or two walking alongside the p

erson.On the slopes of the ramps should be built with a maximum slope inclination of 1: 20. The emphasis on horizontal design flower boxes and paths can be balanced with dense groups of trees and shrubs - they will create a clear vertical accent.

walking Security must be a priority for those who are unsure on his feet or bad spots.The paved area should be made smooth, non-slip surface.A slight change in the texture of the surface is easy to identify: it will serve as a warning of the approach of any obstacles to the difference in the level, such as a step or slope, and may indicate that you have reached the rest area with a bench.Paths should be distinct and have visible borders.Treads and risers should be proportional to the value of the ladder and steps strictly identical.For additional safety equip the ladder railing.

Natural elements and garden tools

Odorous plants are welcome, especially if your family has a visually impaired people.The only restriction for the design of paths and arches choose honeysuckle and varieties of roses without thorns.Other desirable elements include items that can be identified by touch - it urns, statues and fountains.The murmur of water will also help visually impaired people to navigate.

By useful tools and garden tools are hand tools that are bolted, screwed to the arms of adjustable length or inserted in them.Tools, painted in bright colors, harder to lose among the foliage.Lightweight rakes and grasping device suitable for people who find it difficult to bend down.Meeting chair requires a flat hard surface, such as paving or coating dry lawn, sitting legs because it acts as a brake.Bench knee facilitates the cultivation of a garden at ground level.Handholds helps to kneel and (this is, however, difficult) climb.Bench knee becomes the seat if it flipped.Some models have a swivel, which allows them to fold.