How to choose toys for different ages

toys - an important part of the life of your baby.They formed his outlook, attitudes, enthusiasm.Therefore, parents need to know how to choose the right toys, because they can be used not only entertain children but also to help him emerge as a person.

To begin with talk about the more prosaic things - toys should be safe.Do not try to save on them - we all know that sometimes seemingly innocuous machines and rattles are made from hazardous materials that could pose a threat to the health and lives of children.So, choose toys from reputable manufacturers, buy their no subways, and in kids' store - so you will at least be able to get a guarantee that the product will be of high quality.

Well, now let's talk about how to choose toys for kids:

Prefer developing games.Today, the market can find designers, sets for children's creativity, cubes with letters and numbers.Well, if the child will not only play, but at the same time learn new things.

Remember that toys must comply with the child's age.Build

castles designer baby of 1 year will be difficult - at that time he wanted to play with the machine or a teddy bear.Conversely, a child who is already 4 years old, wants to paint a picture paints instead of going out with a rattle in his hand.The store is always carefully read the label on the package - as a rule, manufacturer specifies for what age will approach this or that toy.

It is best to give preference to toys made of wood - they are more environmentally friendly.Do not be afraid, the child does not tire out the splinter - modern products are processed so that their surfaces remain smooth.

If you buy a stuffed toy, pat her hand against the grain.The palms were villi?Discard the purchase of such things as child may accidentally swallow the pieces of material.Also check that all the details of toys kept firmly, otherwise the child can pull them off, put in your mouth and swallow.

If you buy a toy with music, listen to music, to make sure that the baby will not be afraid when he hears music.

Well, if toys will be similar to these characters - people, animals.So the child can draw an analogy with a fantastic world and reality.

Make sure that toys evoked joy in a child's heart, and he will answer you in a good mood and a smile!