Olives useful properties of berries

In Greece and Spain, addiction to these sunny fruits are so great, that the inhabitants of these countries simply do not exist without this food.And it's not just taste of the olives, but also in their useful properties.This product, thanks to its richness in oil replaces the first Greek dishes.

Olives about 60% consist only of oil.Also in this product contains a lot of protein and fiber.In addition, olives rich in vitamins.They contain vitamin C, E, and A. Because of its caloric content, they perfectly satisfy hunger.It really is a universal product, because it can and pickle, and stuff, and even salt and squeeze.

Useful properties of olives in medicine

should be noted that this product has received the application, even in the medical field.After the olives are prophylactic.They even prevent cancer.In addition they provide protection from degenerative disc disease, and beautifully contribute to the removal of the toxins of the body.Highly competent doctors managed from olive oil to create product

s that are beneficial effect on the excretion of kidney stones.Advise experts to use this product, suffering from hyperacidity and gastritis.After the olives well affect the gastrointestinal tract.

The uniqueness of this product is also to strengthen the ability of cell membranes.In other words, they play an important role in wound healing.Olive pits perfectly clean the intestines of toxins and impurities.A great advantage of this fruit is its property to store nutrients after treatment.In either form, they retain their useful properties.From the size of olives and their properties are independent.But if you want more of olive oil, then, of course, you must choose the larger olives.

It should be noted, olive oil has no equal among the other vegetable oils.Olives possess a highly developed anti-oxidant effect.For this reason, since ancient times they were considered to be anti-aging products.Very useful decoction of olive leaves.In Greece, this broth is called tea.It is believed that this drink is able to strengthen the human immune system and protect against colds consumer for a year.

Useful properties of olives in cosmetology

Many use olives for beauty.After all this food product is able to bring the skin youth and beauty.Olive oil perfectly moisturize the skin.

For many years, scientists are trying to create the olive preparation for the healing of scars.After the olives are not only able to heal the skin, but also to destroy the scars.Many of the ladies made from this plant masks that eliminate wrinkles.As already previously negotiated, these fruits are great odor proteins.Therefore, many athletes sit on olive diet.However, we should not forget that this product is very high-calorie.Although thanks to monounsaturated fats, they are easy to break down, though it is not necessary to abuse olives.By the way, thanks to the fats that are found in olives, the assimilation of vitamins is quicker.

is believed that this product is very useful for vision, because it contains a large complex of trace elements for the nervous system and brain.Olives peculiar toning and relaxing effect.And, in conclusion, they favorably affect urinary system.

Eating olives - a guarantee of health.Do not be lazy to eat olives, and your body will respond to you health and well being.