How to properly start to introduce solid foods at 4 months baby

No one will argue about what the best food for a baby is breast milk.Gradually, however, it is not enough to meet the most vital needs of the organism.And at this time it is the turn of artificial feeding.Sometimes a child's first encounter with the new food takes place in the 4 months.The mother may simply be milk, or she decides to stop breastfeeding for other reasons (work, the desire to preserve the beauty of the bust, and so on).

Consult with your pediatrician regarding the introduction of complementary foods - it certainly tells you what products you need to start in each case.

first lure may be vegetables, fruits and cereals.It is best to start with the vegetables - they are easier to digest.Then you can go on cereal or fruit.However, note that the latter can cause allergic reactions.That is why, to enter into the diet they should be gradually and carefully.

first vegetables to try the baby can become broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini - these products are hypoallergenic, easy to digest.

Before you introduce solid foods at 4 months the child with the help of fruit, try to give the baby cereal: buckwheat, rice, corn.It is best if grits will not contain gluten.

New products try to give in the morning, because in this case you can keep track of how the child's body reacts to the lure.For the first time let your baby no more than 0.5 tea spoon food.

If the child does not want to eat a new food, do not insist - after all the taste of the product baby may seem unusual.Try to repeat the procedure for the introduction of complementary foods the next day - it is quite possible that this time everything will be fine.

Watch the reaction of the child to solid foods.In case of allergies, try to determine what the product has caused it.Naturally, food, provoking such reactions, it is better to exclude for a while, and then try to enter it in the diet again.

best if done slowly lure.For example, you give the kid 0.5 teaspoon vegetable puree, watch the reaction and the next day already give 1 teaspoon of the product.You can also arrange a small pause so that the body has adapted to the new food - lure to spend 2-3 days, gradually increasing portions.

We hope that these tips will help you to introduce your baby to the new products!