How and when to introduce solid foods bottle-

Our life today is full of stress and problems.Not surprisingly, because of this, many mothers can not feed their children on their own due to lack of milk.We have to think about artificial feeding.Make it as you need if you decide to stop breastfeeding, to preserve the beauty of the bust or seek a return to work as soon as possible.

fairness, we note that babies who are breastfed, artificial lure is also needed.Therefore, tips listed will be relevant for all moms:

begin solid foods, you can have 5-6 months.At this time, the child is already beginning to perceive the world around us and is interested in nutrition.However, it is important to know that bottle-development of the gastrointestinal tract occurs at a slower pace compared to those children who are fed their mother's milk.Because of this, they may develop an allergic reaction to certain foods, but some foods may simply be assimilated worse.Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to the choice of mixtures.

Be sure to check the condi

tion of the baby during the period of introduction of artificial feeding.If you have any reaction to some component simply exclude it from the diet.

optimal dose of foods considered to 0.5 tsp.Observe your child: if he ate everything that you gave him, then the next day you can feed him a teaspoon of the mixture.Thus, the need to constantly increase the food portion.

What products to choose artificial feeding in the first place?Start with squash puree, finely ground corn or buckwheat porridge, pureed cauliflower.Food not worth the salt.About a month later, after you've learned how to introduce solid foods bottle-yourself, you can give your baby mashed vegetables, adding a 2-3 drops of vegetable oil.

You can start with the lure of fruit.However, doctors recommend give your child fruit around the 8th month of life, starting with a pear or apple sauce.Portability of new products to help improve the child's milk drinks, especially yogurt with bifidobacteria.

From 9 months can begin to give the meat (chicken and turkey).Watch out for the freshness of their products and carefully grind.

Let introduction of complementary foods will take place quickly and without problems, both for you and for your baby!