How to deal with defects in the child's speech

Parents can never predict the occurrence of speech defects in the baby.But one thing is clear: to struggle with similar problems is necessary at an early stage of their emergence and development, since in the future the child will feel uncomfortable when dealing, as well as a speech defect can prevent it from school or work (for example, if the kid wants to become a singer or an actor).

So, we list the ways to help you cope with speech defects in the baby:

Most often a child swallows just wrong, and because of this, it would be hard to say.Do special exercises with the baby.Put him in front of a mirror.Let the child is looking straight, squared his shoulders.The knees should be bent and your feet and legs - to bring together.Sit so 20-30 seconds, after which the baby can relax and take a comfortable position for him.Then repeat the exercise 3-4 times.But make sure that the child is not tired or bored.In the course of the exercise can be about anything to talk to him.

Encourage your child to try to

get the tongue to the tip of the nose or chin.

When the baby opens his mouth and smiles, even a little pat sky tip of his tongue.Make sure that the lower jaw at the same time remained motionless.

Also smile can do the exercise, including the language scratching teeth on the inner side of the jaw.

Play around with the baby in the "horse".Let him smile slightly slightly open mouth and clicked his tongue, simulating a horse race.Even if you do not know how to deal with speech defects correctly, this exercise can be done at all times.

blindly small ball of bread and put it on the tip of the child's language.Suppose he is trying to make swallowing movements, while trying to keep the ball.

for better training of language, lips, upper palate is very useful to chew solid food.Therefore, include in the diet of baby carrots, apples, turnips, small pieces of meat.

not lisp, when talking with the child - children often adopt a manner of speech in adults, and then and pronounce words correctly.

sure to refer to the speech therapist, who will tell you how to deal with speech defects in the baby.It is very important from the very first years of life watching, he says.If you resolve the issue in a complex approach, everything will turn out!