12 August

site analysis for the garden |Photo plan

Analytical plan shows the location of the site relative to the cardinal, an area that had long remained in the shadows, or, conversely, in the sun, as well as wet and dry locations.Details such as the acidity of the soil, underground utilities, and the prevailing wind direction, also indicated.

Why conduct site analysis for the garden?

analysis plot for the garden - the designer must take into account the external factors that may affect the creation of design.It can be unpresentable view that better hide, or planting and landscape elements that require changes.

To create the analysis plan, use a copy of the geodesic plan.In the example shown, the house faces south, that is, there are no seats, are always in the shade.Light and shade strong influence on the character of the area and the plants that are grown on it.Remember that the amount of sunlight in the summer and winter are different.Although the sun is low in winter, some areas may receive more light, when the trees are bare.It is necessary to

take into account that the shadow cast by the buildings is constant and can be used for planting.

You can not change the climate, or the direction of the prevailing winds, but can weaken their influence with the help of green space or buildings.On the territory adjacent to the garden, you also can not work, but in your power to get rid of the kind that you do not like creating your own landscape garden.

Determine the type and structure of the soil site

Check spend in several places, as soil conditions can vary even in a small area.You can leave everything as it is and to plant plants that prefer these are the soil conditions and can change the soil with additives or landed plants, changing the soil.In an extreme case it is possible to improve the underground drainage.

How to do it and how to create an irrigation system?

Test the soil with the help of a special device, which is sold in garden centers.Garden soil are mainly acidic (having a pH of about 5), neutral (pH is 6.5) and alkaline (pH is 8).Many plants do not respond to the acidity of the soil, but some grow only at a certain pH.Finally, mark the location of underground pipes and cables so that they were not injured during excavation works.