Cleansing the gallbladder folk remedies

Before the topic of cleansing the gallbladder using folk remedies, it should be noted that by acting on the liver, purifying it, we thus contribute to the purification of the gallbladder.As we have described how to "clean" liver cleansing does not happen in any case, for these two bodies are functionally closely linked.

Cleansing the gallbladder folk remedies - the mountaineer bird

Sporysh, scientific name - knot-grass, folk - bur-kun, Gusyatnikov, Konotop, Kuroedov, goose grass, toptun grass, grass-ka-muravka This ...herb brewed and drunk as a tea for 7-9 months, or at least through the winter.Lovers of Indian tea can brew knotweed separately and add slowly to brew.To prepare the infusion of two ways.

  • 20 grams of dried and chopped herbs, pour a glass of boiling water, boil for 15 minutes on low heat, insist 3:00, add tea leaves.
  • pour 1 tbsp.spoon of dried and chopped herbs a glass or two of boiling water, leave for the night, in the morning warm up and drink as a tea or added to the brew.Keep i
    nfusion is necessary in the refrigerator (but no more than 3 days) and warm up before taking.Drink tea made from knotweed best before meals and sugar.

Cleansing the gallbladder using strawberries

To remove stones from the gall bladder and liver recommended strawberries.It must have for 3 weeks when it will be ready, from 3 to 5 cups a day.The result of such a pleasant treatment for gallbladder magnificent.If cholelithiasis runs hard, with severe pain, do not apply strong choleretic agents such as everlasting or dandelion root.Soft security tools, such as leaves and berries of strawberry, St. John's wort.

Cleansing the gallbladder folk remedies - St. John's wort

herb St. John's wort is used as a mild choleretic agent.It shows almost everything - and the sick and healthy and is used as a prophylactic.Drink St. John's wort in the winter, adding to the regular tea or brewing separately to weak tea color.Long-term use of this herb promotes bile secretion, stimulate the endocrine glands, strengthens immunity.For serious violations of the gallbladder is prepared broth: 10 g (. 1.5 tablespoons) of grass placed in an enamel bowl, pour boiled water (200 mL), close lid and heated in a water bath 30 minutes, cool, strain, add boiling waterto 200 ml.

Drink broth 1/3 cup 3 times a day for half an hour before meals.Broth store in a cool place no more than 2 days.Shoe St. John's wort has long been known, tested by many generations and is very effective.After 2 months of use of hypericum tincture or tea should be done one month break to not come addictive organism.

Traditional methods of purifying the gall bladder grapefruit juice

Before cleaning, it is necessary to fast a day, in the evening to do a cleansing enema.An hour after the drink a glass of olive oil and grapefruit juice.When will the urge to vomit, suck on the lemon.Possible severe nausea.To it should be treated as a test and be patient.The water does not drink it, in case of strong thirst, drink a mouthful of salt water, but no more.After 15 minutes of taking the oil and juice take a laxative.After half an hour before you can drink the water.Next day fasting again and repeat the same procedure again.After the second day of the cleansing will come out the stones.They will float on the surface of the urine and have a greenish, brown or cream color.Take oil with juice during starvation should be as long as will not go stones, but no longer than 7 days.Repeat the procedure every six months.

gall Purification using lemon juice

After cleansing enemas start fasting.The procedure usually lasts a week.Every day you need to drink 10-12 glasses of hot water and mix the juice of one lemon into each glass.In addition, in between a hot drink should drink water 1.5 l mixture of carrot, beet juice and cucumber (1000 + 250 + 250 ml).It is possible that there will be intermittent spasms on the second day.You them easily overcome, the main thing - do not panic.Their appearance is normal, although they are rare.By the end of the week comes the crisis, possible severe pain, which too will stop soon.

Some time after the crisis dissolved the stones start to come out in the urine in the form of fine sand.

Beet juice to cleanse the gallbladder

Drinking beet juice for a long time (1 to 3 months to 1 glass daily) allows you to view the stones virtually painless.The raw juice is often very aggressive, so beets, you must first survive a night in the freezer or refrigerator, and only after that to make juice.If you decide to clean using the beet, you need a few untreated it heads for a long time to boil (six hours) to the state liquid slurry, until the broth has thickened syrup.Take 3/4 to 1/5 cup several times a day before meals, If you take 3/4 cup of gruel, clean mostly gall bladder, if for 1/5 - bile ducts.This tool is perfectly dissolves stones and leads them out.The average take 10 days.

Cleansing the gallbladder folk remedies - apple juice

At 8 o'clock in the morning drink a glass of apple juice, 10 hours -second glass, from 12 am to 20 pm - 2 cups every 2 hours."Sitting" on this apple diet for 3 days.If there is no chair, drink 1/2 teaspoon of the herbal laxative.In exceptional cases, put an enema of warm water.At the end of the procedure take a hot bath without soap, well propoteyte.This method is great "drives" the stones.

used the previous scheme.You need to drink apple juice for 2 days.On the third day at 8 o'clock in the morning to drink 2 glasses of apple juice, half an hour after that 120 grams of olive oil and immediately diluted with water several glass of apple juice.If you see a weakness, it is better to lie down.Usually, the result appears after an hour or two.

Folk remedy - red mountain ash, to cleanse the gallbladder

Within a month or two eating 2 cups per day of fresh mountain ash forest.And there can be an empty stomach with any food.Such a diet will make your gallbladder young and strong.

Birch leaf in cleaning the gallbladder

Assemble spring birch leaves no more than the size of the nail of your middle finger and dry them.Put in a pan 2 tbsp.spoon leaves and pour 1-2 cups of boiling water.Boil on low heat until until the liquid is boiled down to one half cup.When the broth has cooled, strain it through a sieve.Take 1 tablespoon or teaspoon, depending on how the "go" one hour before meals for 3 months.This method is effective especially when the ultrasound showed the presence of small stones in the ducts.Method painful, but still try to endure it.The effectiveness of the long-known method repeatedly verified.

Cleansing the gallbladder using folk remedies - radish and honey

Grate radishes, squeeze the juice and mix it in half with a good honey.Take 1/3 to 1 cup per day for a month, gradually increasing the dose.Great tool.Used mainly with stones in the bile ducts, prevents the formation of stones in the gall bladder, liver, kidneys.

juice of black radish - a folk remedy for treatment of gallbladder

need to clean the bag of black radish.Take on night black radish juice, ranging from 100 grams and gradually increasing the dose to 400, the course lasts for 6-8 weeks.This way you are serious scrub and gallbladder, and bile ducts.

We have given the most effective and simple ways to clean the gallbladder and bile ducts.Depending on the degree of pollution on the health, well-being, from what way cleanses the liver and how was this cleaning, you can use any of them.You can take a number of ways, and turn smoothly move from "soft" to a "hard" if need be.

Cleansing - a creative process.Each of these ways has its own, only his inherent qualities.Applying the method you select, listen to your body and make your adjustments.