Cleansing the liver folk remedies

only after major cleansing the colon, you can move on to cleanse the liver and help folk remedies.The best time to perform this cleansing - spring, but you can do it at other times of the year if necessary.It is necessary both to those who suffer because of her slagging and seemingly in good health, as does not exist today in any large human city, which is all right with the liver.The purpose of the procedures carried out by healthy people - prevention of liver functioning.If the liver is healthy - healthy entire body.

liver cleansing folk remedies - preparation

very important preparation for it to clean the liver, takes 5 days and consists in the pre-cleaning of the intestine and the warming of the entire body.The principle is the same as during the colon cleansing in the first or second embodiment.It is also necessary to switch to veganism, completely excluded from the diet not only meat and fish, but also eggs, mushrooms, pickles and any dairy products.Daily eat black radish in salads or drink b

lack radish juice with honey.In the transition to a vegetarian preference was given to gray porridge on water, vegetable stews, salads, fruit and vegetable juices, vegetable soups.

eve cleaning eat light porridge on the water.Dinner is better to skip.On the day of cleaning in the morning after using the toilet do a cleansing enema.During the day, drink fresh carrot juice, sometimes carrot or beet-apple with carrot.Nothing else did not eat.After 1-2 hours after a meal, start to warm up the area of ​​the liver.To do this, attach a water bottle with hot water (heating pad) to the right side and go with it for the rest of the day.Approximately 19-20 hours, start the procedure itself cleanse the liver.Preheat the oil and sour juice to body temperature or slightly higher.Dose selected oil and juice from the weight of his own body and oils tolerability.This usually 200-300 g of both.Oil olive is better to take, but we can and sunflower.Lemon juice (5-7 lemons pcs.) Or crystalline citric acid, as well as products with a strong sour taste - cranberry, gooseberry, buckthorn.The whole secret of the effectiveness of cleansing the liver and by this method is the preliminary preparation - mitigation of the body.

Cleansing the liver in the gallbladder folk remedies on prescription GPMalakhov

next method combined cleansing the liver and gallbladder can be original technique developed G.P.Malahovym and described in his book "Cleansing the body."The point of this technique lies in the consistent application of the following factors: running, liquids that have low surface tension and dissolving properties, baths and, as an additional factor, food abstinence or juice discharge 36 hours (longer periods of abstention already facilitate the transition of the organism to the internal power supply,and therefore should not be used).

Here is how the author describes the mechanism of action of the cleaning procedure.With regular daily running by inertial forces stones in the bile passages and the gall bladder are fighting each other (like a trifle in a pocket) and slowly break up (especially - hard).Regular intake during this time juice (at least 500 ml per day) changes characteristics of bile toward greater dissolution.As flushing and solvent liquid can be used several options:

  • beet-apple juice mixture in a ratio of 1: 4-5;
  • carrot juice;
  • carrot and beet-cucumber juice mixture in a ratio of 10: 3: 3;
  • urine.

Additionally dissolving, crushing substances, etc. contained in these juices, slowly destroy the stones.The combination of shaking and impact from running juice strengthens the mutual action of crushing stones in "culm".So you are doing all week: drink juice, not less than 500 ml per day and runs 30-60 minutes.At the end of the week to make food abstinence (who can not only accepts the above juices), during which drinking magnetized water or urine all day, but at the same time running around your 30-60 minutes.The next day, in the morning, you make a run and go to the bath, carefully steamed (on state of health, the main thing is not to overdo it, and feel a strong relaxation of the whole body, lassitude).Returning from the bath house, the first thing you drink 0.5 to 0.7 liters of freshly prepared juice (100 ml beet, and the rest - apple).And then eat as usual, salad or steamed vegetables, cereal, etc.

After eating abstinence, running and baths digestion strongly activated hepatic ducts will be expanded.Drunk juice immediately suck and go through the bloodstream to the liver, lavage affecting it.From this, all that broke up earlier, has resolved, and now will wash easily in the duodenum, causing loosening.In the liquid stool, you will see the type of small solid stones golyshikov or sunflower seeds.So continue to operate (drink juice, run, go to the bath) for 3-6 weeks.If you had pain on the right side under the shoulder blade, then they will.It was from "honk" hard stones gallbladder.Termination of these pain points to his cleansing.A year later, in April and May, you can repeat such a cleaning.Generally, as a result of inertial forces the gallbladder and liver will work much better and fully recover their function.The above purification procedure can be used as a first step before liver cleansing oil.

Liver Cleansing by Irina Vasilyeva - folk remedies

the day liver cleanse drink one liter of apple juice (fruit drink of currants, cranberries, sea buckthorn) in 5-6 receptions.In 15 hours, drink a laxative (Table 5 senna, buckthorn or 6-7 capsules of castor oil -. It is a single dose).Wait 2-3 hours.If you do not start a vigorous proslabenie bowel, drink another dose: means necessary to ensure that the laxative an effect (if the intestine is clean, it will act quickly laxative).After that loosening cook 3 cups.In the first glass - strongly acidic water or juice, the second -150 grams of vegetable oil, in the third - a strong broth hips without sugar.

In early carefully rinse mouth and throat with acidified water, spit and drink oil.Again, rinse your mouth with acidic water, take another dose of laxative and drink the contents of the third beaker (broth hips).Then put on the liver area hot compress of wet salted wool top and secure with hot-water bottle, lie on your right side.A glass of fruit drink is better to put a number - in case the nausea starts.If you need to get up, get up, but do not remove the heating pad.In the morning be sure to put some enemas to clean the intestines from all that came out of the gallbladder.

caution when cleaning

liver When the slightest pain put a fist of his right hand on the solar plexus area, push with a force and move to the side, leaning slightly to the right.Repeat until the disappearance of pain.This technique prevents premature failure of stones, promotes their better resorption.For those who do not tolerate or do not perceive oil lemon juice, can offer a number of ways to cleanse the liver.

liver cleansing folk remedies - pickle and tomato juice

Mix half a cup of cabbage brine, and half a cup of juice from fresh tomatoes.Drink 3 times a day after meals.The tool is very soft, so the drink for a long time - not less than one month and not more than two.

collection of herbs to cleanse the liver

Prepare a collection of herbs: bearberry, knot-grass (knotweed), corn silk, St. John's wort.Mix 1 tbsp.spoon each herb pour 2 liters of boiling water, boil for 10 minutes.Infuse for 30 minutes, pre-wrapped.Cool.Drink 1 glass half an hour before meals for a month.Make a 3-week break, during which tea to drink a decoction of oatmeal oats raw (a handful of oats pour 1.5 liters of water, boil for 30 minutes).In oat broth to cook vegetarian soups and there.After 3 weeks of drinking again gathering, and then again the broth.Repeat the procedure three times.Through this method, the liver and kidney are exempt from uric acid and phosphate rock.

Liver cleansing with the help of probing

the evening in a thermos for preparing the infusion of rose hips - 3 tbsp.spoons of pounded fruits poured 0.5 liters of boiling water.In the morning on an empty stomach pour pre-filtered, 1 cup of hot infusion of rose hips, put to 3 tbsp.tablespoons of xylitol or sorbitol, stir and drink in one gulp.After exactly 20 minutes to drink the remaining infusion in a thermos rose hips, and after 45 minutes - vegetarian breakfast: juicy fruit or vegetable salad, nuts, as well as the infusion of the leaves of raspberry, currant, wild rose.we must actively move between each intake of fluid and food (are closer to the toilet).So, repeat six times in 2 days on the 3rd (for example, Friday, Monday, Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday).Further it is possible to produce a weekly cleaning of the liver (1 per week).This cleared the lymph nodes of the liver, which has a positive effect on the whole body.

tyubazh can be carried out on mineral water.In the morning on an empty stomach drink 1 glass pre-defended (non-carbonated) mineral water with dissolved sorbitol (5 g) or magnesium sulfate.You put a heating pad on the liver and lie about 20 minutes and then drink another glass of mineral water.Water is necessary to take a life, it is best to "Borjomi" and "Essentuki-17".In the absence of sorbitol and magnesium sulfate can be used rich broth choleretic herbs.After receiving the necessary water lying for 1.5-2 hours with a heater on the right side.To do this you need to tyubazh 10 times under the previous scheme - after 2 days on the 3rd.

next kind of probing even more simple and accessible.To do this, you will need 2 of fertilized chicken eggs (that eggs laid by a hen rooster) and 2 half-liter bottles of natural mineral water.After drinking 2 egg yolks (the protein leave), open a bottle of mineral water, wait 20 minutes while the gas will be released, and drink.In the area of ​​the liver put a heating pad number, opening a second bottle of mineral water, just drink it in small sips.Then, you can immediately go to the toilet.This procedure is well stimulates the liver to the bile and pushing jams of its channels.

Symptoms of diseased liver

With diseased liver weight related problems.Man irritable, is angry, he having headaches, increased pressure occurs angina, possible impotence in men and menstrual disorders in women, pain in the hips or knees, lower back and genitals, difficult urination, shake hands, quickly tired eyes,observed yellowness sclera.Can be completely reverse the symptoms: weakness, a feeling of impotence, indecision, depression, anxiety, frequent dizziness, loss of coordination, weakness of the legs and muscles, bowel disorder, dyspepsia, nausea, pale skin.

The literature provides a host of other methods of liver cleansing, but we settled on these, in our opinion, the most effective, most versatile and simple.By analyzing them, we must say that the last ones are softer than the first.Therefore, those who have a sick liver, large gallstones or who simply can not be solved immediately undertake "major" cleaning may first conduct a course of purification by any of the recent proposals of ways, using it as the first step in preparing for the process of cleansing the liver viaoil and lemon juice.

In the first year of liver cleansing should be done once a quarter, and then - once a year.