How should look like the final design of a garden site

you have completed the zoning plan.The next step you take - choose the style that fits the site and connect different areas into a coherent whole.Geodesic plan and site analysis provide clues: the square area with orientation "North - South" and the main entrance is suitable regular style, while in the area of ​​irregular shape, located in the countryside, the garden will look better irregular.Of course, you may have your preferences.But, armed with the knowledge of the basic elements of design, to the choice of an appropriate style, you have to approach as well as a professional designer.Having defined the style of choice, suitable elements, solid surface, form flower beds and borders, place on the site plan.This will be the final design.

What should be the final design of a garden plot?

So, you have chosen a final location and size of each element of the garden: areas of lawn, paved areas, trees, shrubs, rock gardens, vegetable gardens, walls, conventional and hedges, trellises, as well as water fe

atures, statues, recreation areas, overhanging elements(arbors of climbing plants and pergolas), supply areas with tables and barbecue facilities, playgrounds and storage areas.any changes in the level must be designated in terms of the final design, steps, ramps, as well as drainage systems, irrigation and lighting requirements.By carefully developing a plan you will be able to accurately calculate the amount of necessary materials - peat, cladding, brick, etc.

If you will make a precise plan with the scale and proportions, you do not need special skills to make the zoning plan in a more detailed scheme.However, these professional skills are necessary: ​​he must be able to submit a graphic embodiment of the client's wishes.There will sketch in colors.The owner, who is also a designer, it makes no sense to paint the final plan, except to demonstrate their artistic inclinations.Remember that the color drawing should be only a design plan - is not just an artistic combination of lines, textures and colors.To be successful, it should follow the basic principles of design.

How to design a garden plot?

When working on the final design will be useful to use transparent drawing paper.Experimenting with different forms of regions and elements, you finally set their location and boundaries.Another option - to make multiple copies of the geodesic plan and site analysis plan and modify them already.Later, in the same way you can work with up landings.I advise you to laminate the final plan - so you will save him from the effects of external conditions.

working on drawing up a plan, you need to consider (especially if a small garden) that some elements of the garden can not be smaller than a certain size.The terraces and patio should be large enough and accommodate a table and chairs for al fresco dining, a sufficiently wide paths and pergolas - high and wide to through them could pass freely.

at this stage is still time to make sure that the planned foundations, earthworks and new communication will not damage existing underground pipes and cables.

Painted plan shows the location of the different elements and areas, but does not show them in the future.Creating a final draft, it is important to remember that in the garden should be space and movement, as well as the prospect.