Stethoscope for pregnant women

When a woman comes for a visit to the consultation, one of the mandatory procedures, which it is exposed, it is listening to, the beating fetal heart with a stethoscope.Stethoscope - this is such a special medical tube, through which you can listen to the heartbeat, even through the thickness of the fruit surrounding amniotic fluid.But this stethoscope pregnant woman can use at home and on their own in order to constantly hear how the heart beats of your unborn baby.

Fetal Doppler

That's called a stethoscope that can be used in the home itself expectant mother or her spouse.This device, which is also called a stethoscope for pregnant women, allows not only hear the beating heart of a tiny, but the sounds that surround it.You can hear even how the baby hiccups in the depths of the mother's body, and all the processes that are happening around him and through which supported the life of this is invisible to the usual view body.

But you can not just listen to the sounds, although it is also of course

a very nice and exciting for any mother or father of the future.Stethoscope for pregnant women, you can record all the sounds in digital format, and then after the birth, you can listen to them again and again and remember those exciting moments for you.And even send post by e-mail, for example grandmother, who could not be there, but happy to listen to the beating heart of her unborn grandchild.

But that's not all.As practice shows, after the birth of babies feel calmer and sleep more quickly if they include this record, which will broadcast the familiar and relatives for their sounds.

Each stethoscope for pregnant and is equipped with special headphones cord allows you to record.Some Fetal Doppler applied also drives with audio recordings of nature sounds or classical music, which also affect the baby's development is very positive.

The operation of such a device is a method in which sound is produced by a few dozen times amplified stethoscope.Today you can find in the sale of a variety of stethoscopes for pregnant women - in particular BabyBoss, Graco or Bebesounds.

When using a stethoscope nothing to worry about - it is absolutely harmless, not only for the future of the baby, but for most women, it does not use any radio waves even if ultrasound and works of ordinary penlight batteries DC.

What parents say

themselves Judging by the reviews that have these devices, many of the parents is with great pleasure using a stethoscope to pregnant women in their everyday life, and those who have never heard about this device very much like to buy it inuse.

Indeed fetal doppler allows you to directly if you do not communicate with the future baby, then at least to hear him every day and learn about it a lot.Many prospective parents can no longer imagine my life without this daily communication.And especially - those that are long and hard to want to have a child, but who got it immediately.

few negative aspects

It is known that pregnant women have a high suspiciousness.This is understandable - after all, they are in constant anxiety for the life and health of the future baby.And the abundance of information that falls on them today, can play a role not too favorable.

Often the expectant mother begins to feel that something is going wrong.In particular, it can convince yourself, for example, that the fetal heartbeat is heard clearly enough, or it may seem that it is not too rhythmically and so on.In reality, however, these figures can only properly evaluate the doctor.And only he can see if the rhythm and heart rate of a baby in the future the necessary framework or not fit.Layman difficult to evaluate any deviations.Therefore, do not be nervous, but should listen to what you said the expert.