Calendula useful properties of plants

Calendula or marigold - is an annual plant native to southern Europe.There are many different varieties of marigold (yellow and orange flowers of all colors).We it is grown mainly as an ornamental plant.In our area, popular are only 4 species of marigold (In the Mediterranean and Central Europe-20).

It is not the first century people are using it for medicinal purposes, using as tinctures, ointments or just juice.

collection and storage of calendula

In order to save all the useful qualities of flowers, collecting them must be immediately after the beginning of flowering.This is very important because if you miss the right moment all the work will take place in vain (or flowers lose their color, or when dried will crumble, and their use is simply impossible).After 2-4 hours after harvest should start dry them.You need to store a breathable material (in paper or fabric).In no event it is impossible to keep them in a humid place.Healing properties are retained for 2 years.

The structure of the therap

eutic flower includes a lot of useful vitamins as well as organic acids, resins, essential oils, volatile, Kalenda (bitterness) and albumin.

Useful properties of calendula appear in their bactericidal action with respect to staphylococci and streptococci.It also helps against burns, infections, wounds, good for the cardiovascular system, in infections of the mouth, sore throat, gastritis, liver disease, erosion, rickets and so on.

Some useful recipes for the treatment of Calendula:

- For the treatment of skin diseases (wounds, abscesses) use of calendula ointment, for the preparation of which you will need half a glass of flowers, half a glass of boiling water and one tablespoon of Vaseline.Flowers have drenched with boiling water infusions for some time, after which they need to be good to filter and clean the fluid mixed with Vaseline.The resulting ointment to lubricate all possible trouble spots on your skin.

- Calendula, useful properties and exhibits in the fight against warts.To make a tincture of several stems celandine and calendula half cup.But there fit only freshly harvested plants, and if there are none, this recipe will not fit.So, if you have everything you need, the resulting mixture should be applied to the wart for 6-7 minutes daily until their complete disappearance.

- With heart disease as calendula, can positively affect your health.Calendula promotes coordinated work of the heart, without causing adverse effect, as opposed to modern drugs.Most people suffer from angina and tachycardia.In the case of tachycardia (rapid heart beat) you should insist (for 3 hours), half cup of valerian root and flowers of calendula and 400 ml.boiling water.After that, strain and take half a cup 4 times a day.

In short, there are many recipes for tinctures and ointments from the flowers of calendula, that can help you cope with the disease and to prevent their occurrence.