How to make a garden in the Mediterranean style

Many gardeners, who once visited the Mediterranean, are trying to arrange a corner of this idyllic nature in their garden. Light-loving pot plants can be placed even in the tiniest inner courtyard, and elements of the water garden with the murmur of water will add to the scenery of realism. A prerequisite for creating a garden in the Mediterranean style is the openness of the site to sunlight for most of the day, but especially at sunset.

How to make a garden in the Mediterranean style?

To create a garden in the Mediterranean style, a small corner of the garden area is suitable. If this corner is partially surrounded by walls, they should be painted white to better reflect light. In addition, on a white background, plants with yellow, golden, red, scarlet and dark blue flowers look particularly impressive. Another option: gray stone walls can be shaded with pink, red, deep blue and purple flowers.

Paved areas for garden furniture

It is better to install garden tables and armcha

irs on a paved area. For the Mediterranean style, elegant metal furniture is more suitable, rather than massive heavy tables and armchairs. White countertops and seats reflect light well and create a sense of openness.

Awning from climbing plants

In a hot climate under the scorching sun rays in a small garden it will be too stuffy during the daytime. Desired coolness can give a canopy formed by broad-leaved climbing plants. Grapes can also be used for this purpose.

Lilies grown in pots

Fragrant lilies for patios can also be grown in pots. Suitable types and forms: Long flowering lily: white flowers, funnel-shaped, with golden pollen and honey aroma;The flowering time is from the middle to the end of the summer.

Plants for the Mediterranean Garden

You can choose one of three types of shrubs with silvery foliage typical of a warm climate:

Artemisia shrub Artemisia abrotanum: a shrub with thick semi-evergreen scented foliage of grayish color.

Wormwood glacial Artemisia arborescens: shrub with semi-evergreen foliage of silvery-white color with spherical yellow flowers;flowering time - from the beginning to the middle of summer.

Santolina Santalina chamaecyparissus: the crown of the bush is formed by foliage with silvery fluff;flowering is the middle of summer.