Aloe useful properties of plants

Aloe is one of the most common plants in the world, and not according to the density of its growth on the ground.And on the application, which is what is used in cosmetics and in medicine, cooking and many, many other areas.Attention, too, it is the fact that there are more than three hundred species of Aloe, but what caused such popularity and demand?

Each of the world's existing species of aloe has certain medicinal and useful properties.But it is worth remembering that not all types can be taken in, for example, it is only permitted for those products that grow a bush, not a tree, but the tree type is ideal for outdoor use, especially in purulent wounds, when there is a need for rapid healing, burns, allergic rashes.

If you grow aloe on the windowsill, it is a scarlet bush, which is good, because it is this type is most suitable for both internal and external use.But how to grow aloe, so that it retains its useful properties?This plant is quite undemanding, and if we forget about it and do not take

care of even the longest time, catastrophic changes to it will not happen, it is because aloe accustomed to the harsh climate, to very high temperatures and drought, and because of that can dowithout watering a lot of time.But, if you want to become a proud owner of a luxury plant, then, of course, without care can not do, there are some rules, observing that you'll have to grow a gorgeous tree and aloe vera beneficial properties it does not lose, and vice versa, will bring them even more!

order to grow aloe vera, it is best to use a soil containing brick chips and charcoal.

Peat, in any case, do not add to the soil, which will grow aloe.

summer the plant is necessary to provide a lot of heat and light, and watering when it reduced to moderate, but in the winter, on the other hand, water is less, and the room should be cool, the perfect place is the balcony, if it is a little cooler than in the apartment.As temperature, it will look like winter the most comfortable temperature for the plant is twelve to fourteen degrees Celsius.

Periodically, aloe is nourished with vitamins and dressings.As for replanting, the young plants should be transplanted every year, and the old - every three years, under the old aloe covered those plants which have more than five years.

Due to the fact that the plant contains the juice, it was he who opens the pores, cleanses them, promotes hydration and skin tightening.Therefore, if you want to bring your skin in order, and the body clean and saturate the trace elements and vitamins, the path is simple - use the aloe!

Common names: Bombay aloe, Turkish aloe, aloe mocha, Zanzibar aloe, aloe Barbados, Curacao aloe.

Used parts: leaves.

Healing properties of aloe

laxative, stomachic, aromatic, stimulates menstruation, sedative agent for wound healing.Cholera, diarrhea and dysentery.It can be used both externally and internally.

Herbal tea

Ulcers in the mouth and bleeding gums are often rinse mouth with strong herbal tea.If blood oozes tooth pulling, rub in a little gum powder.Excellent remedy for hemorrhages, bleeding wounds, nosebleeds and menstruation.Dry powder, poured into the wound or cut, immediately stop the bleeding.It helps in the treatment of long-standing chronic ulcers.


gynecological problems, use as a syringe.If you rub on the chest a little strong tea, it will stop the formation of milk, tea and if to rub in the nipples, they harden.When internal tumors and hemorrhoids using an enema, - enter into the body two or three teaspoons of strong tea several times a day, especially after each bowel movement.

Alum Alum eliminate mucus and pus from the bladder and intestines, as well as contribute to the removal of cables and mucous secretions from other parts of the body.Very useful in diabetes and Bright's disease.To eliminate mucus can mix equal parts of alum and goldenseal Canadian, per "teaspoon of each component on a pint of boiling water."

Steep for 30 minutes.Use the resulting liquid for injection in the case of hemorrhoids or rectal problems, as well as for irrigation or domestic use, teaspoonful four to six times per day.For general use brew a teaspoon of alum in a cup of boiling water and leave for about half an hour.Take one or more cups a day gulps;let children lower dose according to their age.