Cleansing stomach folk remedies

Passing through the digestive tract, the food left in it a thin layer of waste, toxins due to incomplete digestion and insufficient release of the digestive system.Cleansing stomach conducted using folk remedies, and under the supervision of a physician.

catharsis folk remedies - with the help of soda

catharsis performed twice daily at 12.00 and 16.00 for three consecutive days.About two hours after a meal (rice, potatoes, pudding) in 2 liters of water at room temperature to dissolve 2 teaspoons of baking soda.Drinking water has to be big gulps, holding a three minutes, trying to keep the spine was straight all the time.Then, leaning over the basin, push two fingers on the tongue, causing vomiting.In the first two days of use water with soda, and on the third day will be sufficient water only.

Folk remedies for cleansing the stomach with water

Slowly drink about 3 liters of warm boiled water, depending on the volume of the stomach.You need to drink until the feeling of fullness or nausea.Then,

leaning forward over the bath or basin, put his left hand on the stomach and just push it back cave in.Three fingers of his right hand, insert the mouth and irritate them root of the tongue, lightly pressing down on it.As soon as any retching, slightly raise your shoulders and bend your back.When water comes out of his mouth, his fingers clean.After the first release of water from the stomach to reenter the fingers of his right hand into his mouth, put his left on the stomach and arch your back.Repeat this until until the stomach is not drained, but not more than eight times.

This procedure is taken from Indian practice, it is desirable to be carried out at random overeating or ingestion of substandard food.In order to prevent an event, it is desirable to carry out every two weeks in the morning on an empty stomach, after emptying the bowel and bladder, in front of the nose washing.Cleaning it is desirable not to use in hypertension, serious heart disease, gastric and duodenal ulcers, as well as pregnant women and during menstruation.

Folk remedy - the root of sweet flag, to cleanse the stomach

drink 4 cups infused root calamus (sweet flag root tea).Then induce vomiting, massaging language.This tool removes the mucus well, removes excitement and contagious infectious diseases.Or the morning before brushing teeth, you can take 3 cups of water with soda and then massaging the tongue to induce vomiting.Mucus is removed immediately, and you will feel immediate relief.Vomiting should be continued until there bile.

Why should the cleansing of the stomach?

stomach - a kind of bag with pleats that performs multiple functions.It collects food and gastric juice released, under the action of stomach contents which undergoes chemical changes.Furthermore, in the stomach of food mechanical grinding occurs, a result of all these effects is converted into chyme food which enters the stomach into the duodenum, and then, for further digestion and absorption in the intestine.

Formed as a result of the passage of food "dirt" if it is not removed, would interfere with the normal secretion of digestive juices, free mixing them with the newly supplied with food and, therefore, prevent the normal operation of the body, which leads to a decrease in vitality and reduce the body's resistance,for most diseases.

Consequences cleaning stomach folk remedies

must say that after a few treatments will appear light brown color of the contents of vomiting that will confirm laundering painful damage layer covering the stomach wall.This should not worry, as the coloring, which will soon disappear, only confirms that the stomach is completely washed, cleaned and took mucous normal.After that it will be enough to wash out the stomach once a month.Samopromyvanie stomach fasting should be done only on the third day (preferably in the morning).

Cleaning the stomach, in addition to damage, eliminate the disease of the kidneys, liver, intestine, excessive fullness, constipation, and restores the heart and lung function, eliminating the blockage, wheezing, shortness of breath, chronic respiratory diseases.