How to choose the decorations for the garden

If you are a practical man, you probably think not only about choosing a pattern for the future of work and material costs, but also the possibility of further use of the product.From the monumental mosaic objects can be decorated with garden furniture, the visible part of the concrete manhole rings, house foundation, insert for paving.Smaller projects are not just labor, but suggest a more thorough calculations and sometimes the strong decrease of the mosaic elements.To begin, select a simple ornamental patterns, and make a bet on a different color, rather than a variety of components.Increase the difficulty level gradually, practicing on less important things for you.

lamps as decorations for the garden

glowing objects such as lamps or candlesticks, decorated with light-transmitting glass mosaic.If necessary, forceps and nippers mosaic pieces give the desired shape.It is also possible to add glass beads, pellets, pebbles.Surface pre-degreased.Marker draw the pattern on the glass.If a simple patter

n or random, it is possible to do without a clue.Then turn transparent universal glue stick tiles, clutching tightly to the surface elements.Working with small fragments also includes flat seams.It is equally important to lay out exactly edge.In the presence of patterned lines begin laying open to them, and then randomly fill the remaining field.

Decorations for fat - the possibility of improvisation

small meter panel with uncomplicated pattern perfect as a wall or kitchen apron for a washstand.From that, what type of a water source, will depend largely on decoration background.If copper basin with an antique wash basin, fit ornaments valid cross stitch or tiles in sand, beige and brown colors in a country style.The faucet can be beat with the help of a dedicated range of contrast and a fantasy figure, focuses on attention, it is better to emphasize the combination of three or four closely related shades of mosaic elements.Symbiosis mosaic inserts and conventional ceramic tile enhances the creation of low-cost exclusive design.Mosaic mounted on a special tile adhesive.After gluing the seams overwritten colored or white grout, which is applied with a spatula or a finger.Surplus grout was removed from the surface of the mosaic with a damp sponge.

Decorate garden ornaments made of shells

mosaic pattern of different types of shells looks great on vases, picture frames or frame for the mirror.Shells can be tint, varnish or left in its natural form.Potassium permanganate, depending on the saturation of the solution gives shades from light brown to deep red-brown.Boiling in onion skins dyed yellow or brick color and ink blue give.A wide choice of stains, acrylic paints and coloring sprays significantly increased the possibility of the color scheme.With shells organically look like pearls or beads on them, the coral.Ornament pre-drawn on a flat surface, and then later transferred to the foundation.

Scene panel as decorations for the garden

The story panels to convey fine details and nuances of color, use very small pieces of the puzzle.Performed by professionals panels - a work of art, an image difficult to distinguish from the painting.Such work perfectly fit into the interior, and will be good at any distance.If your experience is small, choose a more abstract subjects, which do not require the transmission accuracy.In this case, write off any rough work on the creative idea.When placing the panels keep in mind that the larger of its components, the more should be a spectator to color spots and contours have become a single image.


mosaic art, as well as many other crafts, originated in the Ancient East, in Mesopotamia.Initially, the most affordable was the clay - from her sculptured sticks, cones, their burned and laid out on a clay solution is complex geometric patterns.Subsequently, this technique has received so wide distribution, that in many countries the objects of the mosaic, have become a national pride and monuments.To this day we preserved a unique mosaic image of clay shards, seashells, beads, glazes, colored glass, marble.Whatever the material and size of the elements, forming a mosaic invariably includes their layout, typesetting and binding on the surface.

kit may be direct, in which the elements are fixed on the surface of the face up.And conversely, when the mosaic is attached with glue Latex based on a temporary basis, of paper, face down, and transferred to the surface is cleared from the paper and glue.