How to make a body of water at the site

course, all excavation work is best done at the same time, combining the pond digging with a lining of communications, paths and installation of foundations.But in fact the owners of new sites are usually puzzled very different problems, and on older suburban areas under the pond has become commonplace is given unsolicited Ogorodnaya area.

start digging a pond on site

Digging the pond - a very time-consuming task.It should be thought of not only the amount of work, but also the amount of excavated soil from the pit, a place where it can be folded and which subsequently scatter.Note that a layer of fertile soil is not so great: from 10 cm to new, previously uncultivated areas to a couple of bayonets on the rich, well-kept grounds.Then as luck - from the rocky-sandy deposits of up to heavy, black smelly mud.To preserve the purity of the lawn in temporary storage of soil, spread a thick film before work or oilcloth.

But note that without access to air and light grass adequately hold just a couple of d


reservoir design on the site

In ponds with a natural bottom periodically change the water level, because of which are particularly affected water plants with roots in the ground.Water lilies are sick even from the spray of fountains, not to mention the length of time the water lamina.In addition unfortified steep banks often crumble, extending water table and reducing the depth of the pond.Therefore, if, due to lack of space, you can not make a flat coast, it is advisable to stop the choice on the ponds with artificial bottom.In addition to a variety of ready-made forms of plastic, it can be well ring with a cast (in the factory) down, dug half or whole, and decorate iron barrels, tubs and tubs.Ample opportunities in the choice of shape and depth provided in the device film and concreted basins.But this is the most time-consuming and costly construction.The cost of a slight reduction if small stones that hide bottom fabric, glue itself, using silicone sealant for swimming pools.Concrete options look beautiful, if not yet to grab the mixture to lay tile or shingle.Depending on the preferences of the stones are placed randomly or calibrating size.

reservoir design on

area to the pond looked alien spot, look on the site dedicated to him.If the main part of the garden and the garden house is hidden behind thickets of fruit or ornamental trees and shrubs, it is possible to arrange a self-themed area in any close to you style.Otherwise, the "roll call" of the elements required.This can be combined with the foundation of the house facing the shores of the stone, the water playground, paved in the same style as garden paths, with the same, as in a house, bench deck or plank, smoothly flowing on the patio.

By building of glass and concrete solution to the pool with blue bottom and deck chairs.Home from a bar implies a pond with reeds, sedge, marsh marigold, iris, weeping willows, the branches are inclined to the water surface and wooden coastal bridge.

Cottage with modern decor tends to be a small lake with an abundance of colorful variety of water lilies and luxuriantly blooming shores.On its shores you can set the stone, metal or wood sculpture, and do not forget about the fountain and lighting.Near a small country house look pretty dug up half barrels of floating plants and large stones to decorate the edges.But other options are possible, as long as the reservoir please you and answer destination: adorned the front part of the garden, served as a recreation area was refreshing source.

fountain for the pond to

The water surface area may be partially covered by plants, as well as animated movement of water.However, combining plants and it is advisable to spray water on the big planes, the small look as out of place as the ancient statue in the deep woods.

In this case it is better to install a pump that creates a funnel or a fog effect.

Hidden from prying eyes pond, the surface of which play sunbeams filtering through the carved crown garden trees, designed for quiet relaxation with a book or meditating.Gauge gurgling geysers will adjust the desired fashion, and give minutes of healing and relaxation.But in the stone bowl, located in the front area, it is more logical to place a nice fountain with the beautiful game of jets provided by a variety of nozzles.Unfortunately, correctly matched pumps - it is half the battle.You will need to clean the entire system for the winter, timely replacement of filters, as well as take care of the cleanliness of the pumped water.

Plants for ponds on

site pond Planting device resembles a flower bed.As with the creation of flower beds is useful to note the areas which most goes to the light.This is useful when placing plants, turning their loving "odnoobzornye" flowers facades to the sun.If they do not coincide with the direction of the pond viewpoint, it will come to replace the species, flowering panicles or candles - they are decorative on either side.Do not forget about the different colors of leaves, the color of which resembles a flower (hautyuyniya), spurge.

of too rapid growth of aquatic and riparian plants initially pleased with a beautiful view, but soon become a problem.Therefore it is better to use a slow-growing and do not give the kind of root suckers, and prone to sprawl - planted in the basket with the ground.Note that in many natural forms is spectacular, slow-growing varieties.In particular, the marsh marigold «Plena», variegated forms Manica, loosestrife point and airovidnogo iris, loosestrife monetchaty with golden leaves.In a small pond look great miniature lilies, vodokras, duckweed trifoliate, telorez.The latter can multiply quickly, but a net to catch the extra items, unlike Spirodela, it is not difficult.

How to care for ponds

Do not think that the pond will be less hassle than with a lawn or garden, and the expansion of the water surface will be a welcome relief from the care of the data portion of the garden.Water can bloom or gain swamp smell.It is therefore necessary to monitor the purity of the water body, removing waste water from the bottom of the vacuum cleaner, but with the surface - and a net rake.Also, to maintain the pond clean will help plant-oxygenators, which saturate the water with oxygen.And by using special drugs that enrich the body of water you are the beneficial bacteria.