Plant Propagation by cuttings is carried out as a

have learned in this subject, as the propagation by cuttings of plants is carried out.Some plants can grow leaves.For example: Begonia (Begonia Royal hybrids), Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula), stonecrop (of Sedum species), gloxinia (Sinningia hybrids).

semilignified cuttings

Green and meaty pieces of yucca runaway giant (Yucca elephantipes) with one or two eyes and without leaves are planted vertically.For successful rooting requires a high soil temperature and air humidity when sufficient.

Parts of plants

Most houseplants reproduce without problems for the transplant by dividing the parent plant into two or more parts.


Some plants may produce roots, remaining on the shoot.Among them is, and rubber tree (Ficus elas-tica).In the spring of half-cut from the top of a young escape with six leaves.Place the cut gently pushing it and pinched wet moss.Then on top of everything and wrapped with a thick layer of wet moss.Then cut a strip of film, tied her moss and tie the ends tight

ly.When someone moss thoroughly pronizhut grown ficus roots, escape completely cut off below the roots and planted in the ground.

arcuate slips

Another way of rooting stems - is arcuate cuttings of young shoots.To this end, the mother plant next to put a second, large enough pot.In late spring escape lightly pruned in the place where the roots should be formed, and there is a stone jammed.Escape notched put down the hole and secured with wire.When the roots grow, the young plant is separated.Thus it can be propagated, for example, passion flower or jasmine.

With the division can be propagated:

Maidenhair melkovolosiay (Adiantum hispiduium), asparagus (Asparagus densiflorus), species of Cattleya, hybrids Cymbidium, hybrids Dendrobium, Gloriosa superba (Gloriosa superba), Phlebodi-um aureum, Spatiphyllum wallisii, x Vuylstekeara.

Plant Propagation by cuttings

kolumneya (Columnea gloriosa)

Cut off part of the shoot with several nodes are planted with a slight slope and watered.Covered with transparent foil and keep in a bright place at a soil temperature of 25 ° C, until the roots grow.

peperomiya (Peperomia caperata)

spring shoots are cut about 5 cm long, planted with a slight tilt and pour.Covered with transparent foil and keep in a bright place at a soil temperature of 20 ° C.

Philodendron (Philodendron bipennifolium)

Cut off pieces with knots shoots and planted in the ground to the node;watered.Covered with transparent foil and keep in a bright place at a soil temperature of 25 ° C to form roots.

Leaflets-cuttings uzumbarskiye violets

Jasmine vegetatively propagated by layering arcuate

Tip: semilignified and grass cuttings, leaves and stalks, like high humidity and heat.