What vitamins for men better

For the normal functioning of the body vitamins necessary for all: children and adults.No features of the concept of vitamins to no men, the difference here is only in the proportions.After all, men are more body, and therefore requires large amounts of vitamins, and if it still your man and the athlete or just a very active person, and the vitamins he needs to eat more.

What vitamins are needed for men

necessary vitamins for men are considered B vitamins It is necessary for the growth of muscle protein.Vitamins B6, B9, B12, found in meat, fish, liver, chicken, cottage cheese, potatoes, oatmeal, mushrooms, buckwheat.Vitamin B6 is rich in cabbage, tomatoes, strawberries, cherries.Vegetables and fruits are eaten raw, it is desirable.Vegetables such as potatoes, as well as fish and meat we recommend steamed.So keep the best nutrients.Also, steam cutlets did not aggravate the stomach.If your man is a vegetarian, he risks receive less vitamin B2 and B12.Thus we recommend receive them in the form of tabl


Under no circumstances do not allow B2 and B12 vitamins overdose.This can lead to pulmonary edema, vascular blockage, allergic rashes, heart failure.It is important for the male body use vitamin A. Vitamin A has anti-cancer effect, improves the immune system.In order to saturate the body with the necessary amount of vitamin A, advise, have a lot of fresh herbs, especially parsley, dill.Also a lot of Vitamin A in carrots, pumpkin, liver, spinach, oily fish, cottage cheese, sour cream.Vitamin A can be accumulated in the liver.

Important vitamins for women in terms of conception - it is Selenium.His lack of in the body of his father is often the cause of male infertility.Its a lot of meat, wheat, fish products.

Benefits of Vitamin C for

men leading cause of death among men worldwide are cardiovascular disease, for prevention is an indispensable vitamin C. Vitamin C in many fresh herbs, mushrooms, bell peppers, black currants, spinach, sorrel, citrus, strawberries, cabbage, wild rose.

Vitamin C strengthens blood vessels, lowers cholesterol in the blood, increases the stability of the nervous system, promotes healing of wounds, slows the aging process.Higher doses of vitamin C is recommended to take male smokers, since smoking is completely kills stores of vitamin in the body.With regard to the use of ascorbic acid from a pharmacy, we should not forget about the overdose.

Also, in addition of the use of vitamins for men is recommended not to forget about the lifestyle.After all, life is the key to good health.