What vitamins are needed for diabetes

Diabetes is primarily characterized by impaired metabolism in the body.This leads to the growth of demand in some of the vitamins necessary for a normal functioning of the body.One of the features of patients with diabetes is the need to stick to a low calorie diet.A limitation in the amount of food consumed always leads to insufficient production of vitamins and other micronutrients.What vitamins are needed for diabetes and what they receive products, we'll tell you.

especially vitamin complexes for diabetics

This feature is taken into account by manufacturers of medicines, and special vitamins for diabetics are a whole fortified complex of useful minerals.But the vitamins in the form of medicines, medical supplies always remain.Experienced doctors recommend to get these vitamins for diabetics, only in the event that the required amount of vitamins can not be obtained through the consumption of healthy food products.

What vitamins are needed for diabetes in the first place

In diabetes the body is prone to rapid degradation and aging.Therefore it is very important to nourish it sufficient amount of antioxidants.Among all existing vitamins the most useful and necessary in diabetes is vitamin E. It helps the body to prevent aging and protect cells.It is also important to improve immunity and metabolism.Recently, the medical sphere, scientists have come to the unequivocal that vitamin E patients with diabetes need to take throughout their lives.

Equally important is vitamin C, which requires constant replenishment.Lack of this vitamin, and leads to loss of elasticity of blood vessels, which in turn leads to problems with vision or eyes.Also, a sufficient amount of vitamin C and contributes to further protect the body from contracting infections and exposure to toxic substances, which are capable of a very detrimental affect on the body.To improve the problem of metabolism in patients with diabetes are important enough biotin, pantothenic and folic acid.

There is another trace mineral the body needs - lipoic acid, which provides the normal process of metabolism of carbohydrates and fats.All of these vitamins in diabetes are fairly concentrated in food.To provide the body with essential vitamins complex should try to eat more of the foods that fall into the category of mineral.This is mainly fruits and vegetables.Also, do not exclude from the diet of bread and cereals.