What vitamins are best for kittens

weight of newborn kittens is from 80 to 120, after the first week of their lives, they twice added weight.Further increasing daily per 100 grams.From the third week kittens teeth appear.After the third week is recommended to begin to feed the kittens with special vitamins for kittens.A lot of useful vitamins and minerals contain milk powder, diluted with warm boiled water.And so, what vitamins are best for kittens?

B vitamins for kittens

Natural vitamins for cats made from natural raw materials.Synthetic vitamins for kittens are much cheaper.Among them, most have proven vitamin complex 8in1.Kittens from this group grow healthy vitamins, so many favorites of their pets give them preference.

If you have a British cat, she needs more than cats of other breeds, giving calcium.This is because a large British cat skeleton, its formation organism spends a lot of calcium.We also recommend giving it a period of dry mixture, the so-called milk substitutes.From this period should start feeding the cat meat.B

ecause raw meat is recommended to do a small ball the size of a pea, and throw it into the mouth of the kitten.Doing this is desirable in one and the same time.

What vitamins are best for the kittens and in what products they are contained

With four weeks of age a kitten should be fed porridge, milk, meat, fish, fish oil, because these foods contain a lot of useful vitamins for kittens.Many vitamins for kittens in dairy products such as low-fat yogurt, low-fat sour cream, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese.Twice a week is recommended to pamper the kittens raw or cooked egg yolk.Very useful and contain many vitamins for kittens quail eggs.

recommend not give kittens sausages.Better to treat vegetables, in which a lot of vitamins.Vegetables give the kittens can be very different, and cooked and raw, and mashed, in a word, all that will have your kitty mixed with meat.Seafood recommend indulge kittens less.

From 1.5 to six months is recommended to give the kittens vitamins for kittens.Forbidden foods for cats eat chocolate, smoked, sweet, salty, canned.We also recommend not to give kittens fish, colorful dry food.The body of cats, like kittens to their normal life must receive a lot of vitamins for kittens.At the same time except for kittens recommend vitamin that contain food, pharmacy to buy vitamins.

What vitamins for cats and kittens wool better


First of all it should be noted that the body of your cat needs vitamin A. Problems with the hair may occur because of the lack of this vitamin, as the negative effects of an insufficient number ofof the substance in the body of the cat are the various eye diseases, as well as weakness in the hind limbs.


Vitamin E, if your cat's nutrition is unbalanced, then the animal may lose your appetite, it's exhaustion, the temperature will rise.


cat's body also needs a group of B-vitamins - namely, B1, B2, B6, B12, and folic acid.The lack of such substances can cause skin diseases and damage to the nervous system of an animal, not a surprise identification of liver disease.


Vitamin C. The body of cats is able to independently develop it, however, in the case of a weakened body's need to fill its growing demand.


Vitamin D. bone-forming, helps delay the calcium and phosphorus.