What vitamins can be a nursing mother

For all vital for herself and the child elements, nursing mothers at all times is vital vitamins.A lot of them fresh vegetables, fruits, juices.It is desirable to include in the diet of dairy products supplemented with bifidobacteria.What vitamins can be lactating mothers?

General advice on nutrition for lactating mothers

From the very beginning should give up fast foods.For the first time, 2-3 weeks is recommended to eat buckwheat, oatmeal, rice cereal, pears and apples, parsley, zucchini, potatoes, sauerkraut and cauliflower, plums and gooseberries.The essential fats and proteins will delight young mother and baby rabbit meat and chicken, low-fat sour cream, quail eggs, vegetable oil, veal, beef.

Recommended refuel fresh vegetable salads, freshly squeezed lemon juice.With the use of food, you need to look, whether it does not cause allergies in children.Useful honey, eggs, nuts, but they are strong allergens.Also strong allergens is coffee, chocolate, cocoa, strawberries and exotic products.

What vitamins can be lactating mothers

Often, later childbirth, new mothers complain of hair loss, dry skin, hair and nails.This all speaks of a lack of vitamin A. To saturate the body with the necessary amount of vitamin A, advise, have a lot of fresh herbs, especially parsley, dill.Also a lot of Vitamin A in carrots, pumpkin, liver, spinach, oily fish, cottage cheese, sour cream.Vitamin A can be accumulated in the liver.

also hair loss due to a lack of vitamin C. Vitamin C in many fresh herbs, mushrooms, bell peppers, black currants, spinach, sorrel, citrus fruits, strawberries, cabbage, wild rose.

Useful properties of green for nursing mothers

Each young mother to be included in the diet of fresh herbs.In this case when buying in supermarkets, we recommend giving the benefits of green domestic producers.We suggest to grow fresh herbs at home.Thus, in the prepared soil to plant the pre-soaked seeds of parsley or dill, water them every other day.These fresh and useful vitamins will benefit you and your newborn.

also recommend to support the body tone and vitality through the meal taken three times a day a mixture of the following components: 4 lemons juice, 100 g of aloe juice, 500 g of walnuts, 300 g of honey.Everything is mixed and eaten.The most essential vitamin for nursing mothers are fresh fruits and vegetables.Only using them, you need to look to see if they cause allergies in the child.