What vitamins are needed for teeth

To maintain the need to use vitamins healthy and beautiful teeth.Also on dental health plays an important role nutrition.For those teeth are useful products that contain all necessary for normal functioning of products and minerals that protect tooth enamel.

What vitamins are needed for teeth

for healthy teeth are important vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and others. Minerals.Important minerals for healthy teeth have a phosphorus and calcium.Vitamin A is involved in metabolism.If this is not enough in the food item, the reduced secretion of the salivary glands, the enamel becomes rough, grubeyut oral mucosa.At the same time teeth begin to become loose.

Vitamin C is involved in the metabolic and oxidative processes, improves the condition of the capillary walls of blood vessels.Since teeth are mounted in the alveoli that can withstand a greater load by the bite of the food, these cells need a lot of calcium.the absorption of calcium in the body makes Vitamin C a disas

ter for the teeth feel a lack of calcium.Therefore, it is recommended to use in the form of vitamin tablets additives.

For maintenance of bone growth corresponds to the mineral phosphorus.When interacting with it forms a calcium salt which strengthen teeth.Calcium is better absorbed from foods that contain phosphorus, but its excess can cause leaching, so you need to balance your diet.

The content of vitamins useful for dental products in

from dental plaque and stone protect teeth vitamins, which a lot of apples, pears, cucumbers, carrots, beets.Reduce bleeding gums grapefruits and oranges.To protect tooth enamel from bacteria is recommended to include in the diet of wild berries, pectin, pigments.

many vitamins contain milk products to improve calcium balance.The essential vitamins for your teeth are fresh greens, it strengthens the teeth and the immune system.Also, in order to have healthy teeth, be sure to not forget about vitamins for your teeth, forget about smoking, begin to eat properly, there are a lot of vitamins and then you will thank your teeth.