Vitamin A in foodstuffs

Composition, properties of vitamin F and dosage for any individual will be described in this article.Vitamin F refers to the fat-soluble vitamins.The name combines the complex unsaturated fatty acids.All these substances we get to the body through food, and sometimes using creams or ointments, through the skin.And so, whether vitamin F contained in food, and how it should organism?

Ingredients Vitamin F

The structure of vitamin F include various acids, when these acids are balanced, then it is considered to be vitamin F, which is essential for health.One of these acids have linoleic acid, it has been very useful.On its benefits we have learned in the 20-ies of XX century.In the assistants began the rats again.During the experiments it was found out on them, because this acid cure infertility, kidney disease, impaired growth and skin problems.

Vitamin F in the supply

Vitamin F products found mainly in vegetable oils, such as vegetable, linseed, soybean, sunflower, olive, peanut and others, as w

ell as large amounts of vitamin F is in the fat of animals.Nowadays it is forgotten to return camelina oil, which is now used not only in cooking, but even in pharmacology and cosmetics industries.An example is a line of creams, ointments, capsules and vitamin F 99, which is used to restore certain functions of internal organs, improve the structural condition and easy to maintain their health.

Vitamin F was found in salmon, fish oil, avocados, dried fruit, black currants and nuts, such as peanuts, almonds, walnuts, and sunflower seeds and oat flakes.This vitamin is also in herbs are due to its properties, reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

storage and use of vitamin F

Vitamin F is destroyed by heat, light and oxygen.As a result, it can not acquire useful properties, that is, instead of the required substances may form toxins and free radicals, which are very harmful for our body.Effect of vitamin F is very wide, it helps to digest fats, promotes the release of the body of excess cholesterol has a positive effect on reproductive function.It applies also in the treatment of cutaneous diseases and atherosclerosis.It is just as well strengthens the immune system and promotes wound healing, prevents allergies and reduces its symptoms.

daily dose of vitamin F is not set, but it is believed that the rate of vitamin F is sufficient one percent of the needs of all calories.If you are healthy and watch your diet, the additional intake of vitamin F is not required.