Vitamin B17 in food

Vitamin B17 in a different way is called amygdalin, was first found in its pure form in bitter almonds still in XІX century.Vitamin B17 in food a bit and need to know in what quantities it is contained there to eat properly.

Vitamin B17 in food

Vitamin B17 The product contains apricot, peaches, plums, cherries.The activity of this substance, in terms of scientists have not yet found a reliable verification, it is under this call amygdalin "vitamin B17" is false or premature.But, nevertheless, such a term is a widely used advertising.Above all, vitamin B17 is used in the alternative medicine for the treatment of malignant tumors.

Daily intake of vitamin B17

Scientists have not yet come to a consensus about how much you need to use amygdalin.Representatives of the so-called "alternative medicine" claim that the properties of this substance really help in the treatment of cancer, and is also highly recommended to use a certain amount of this substance, namely to prevent the development of dangero

us cancers.But medical organizations very strongly persuade, and even forbid include amygdalin in your diet for therapeutic purposes as well as vitamin B17 does not confirm its medicinal purposes, as well, the same thing, the compound has toxic properties and can even lead to poisoning and death.

use of vitamin B17 to treat

Since ancient times, there is debate and discussion on the use of vitamin B17 in the treatment of cancerous tumors.Some argue that the ancient civilizations of Egypt and China had no problems with diseases due to the use of bitter almonds, which in their opinion has prevented the formation of cancer.Proponents of "alternative medicine" provided the broad popularity of this treatment with vitamin B17.They reached that some pharmaceutical companies have even started to produce drugs with the content of amygdalin.

Due to the hype raised by American scientists FDA Organization (Office for quality control of food and medicines - the organization is considered to be one of the most respected worldwide) were forced to conduct research and find out the truth of fantastic medicinal properties amygdalin.As a result of research experts have come to the conclusion that there is no positive effect of vitamin B17 has not.Not only it is very toxic, and this is dangerous for the life of any person.

In order to determine the content of vitamin B17 in food, pay attention to the warnings of experts.