What vitamins are useful for conception

Everyone knows that a healthy and proper nutrition of women is the key to a healthy baby.But do not forget about the health of his father.Vitamins for conception will help future parents to improve the body and quickly achieve the desired result.What are vitamins for conception?

What foods are good for conception

Only in the 17th century, scientists have found that a person comes out of sperm.After the sperm - a protein concentrate.Therefore, the human body it should be at least 70, on the day.A body that exercise regularly should consume twice as much protein.For the ideal process of sperm, proteins, fats and carbohydrates are recommended to use against: 1-1-4.

not the most positive impact on the human body and in the formation of sperm eating sugar, biscuits, sweets, cookies, cola.Doctors strongly recommend replacing sweet drinks mineral water, preferably without gas, eat more rye bread, oatmeal, and fortified fruit.It is not recommended to use in food sweetener.

for conception will only benefi

t the consumption of at least 4-5 servings of fresh or fresh-frozen fruits and vegetables.It protects the body against radicals influence.Naturally fruits are the main suppliers of vitamins in the body.There are vitamins that the human body gets by eating food of animal origin.Vitamins, which are recommended to be used before conception a lot of milk, cottage cheese, meat.To eat a lot vitamin would advise you not to overeat, eat in moderation.The greater the variety of foods will eat expectant mother or the father, the healthier and stronger will be their child.

What vitamins are useful for conception

Recommended use zinc - it increases the viability of sperm.Its recommended daily dose of 15 mg per day.Zinc lot of mussels, crab, beans, oysters, asparagus, mushrooms.The production of sex hormones regulate vitamin A. Its recommended daily dose of 25,000 IU.For Vitamin A is necessary for conception there is cod liver oil, eggs, red or yellow vegetables and fruits, butter.

Vitamin B supports the sperm, a process.We recommend to use white chicken meat, cereal, black bread.From the impact of internal and external enemies to protect the human body Vitamin C. Its many in fresh herbs, fruit and mushrooms.An important element for conception is Selenium.His lack of in the body of his father is often the cause of male infertility.Its a lot of meat, wheat, fish products.

As you can see, all the necessary vitamins that are important for conception, contain fruits, vegetables, animal food.Also, along with the use of vitamins for conception is recommended not to forget the future parents about the lifestyle.After all, life is the key to a healthy conception.