What vitamins are needed for the elderly

When you look at the pull-cheeked and always tightened elderly foreigners who unwittingly takes offense for older people of their country.Are our seniors can not look the same?And if it's all about is still in the notorious high-level Western life life?The economy, of course, is very important.However, if she only?These health insurance companies in England and the United States more than sixty per cent of older people in the population of these countries use a continuous manner vitamins for seniors.

What vitamins for the elderly needed

As for mass surveys Institute of Nutrition (RAMS), it is noted that the number of people who are more or less in the regular manner take vitamins, no more than three to five percent.Of course, vitamins for the elderly are the undisputed source of health maintenance.

With the help of such substances can significantly decelerate the aging process, it becomes possible to normalize metabolism, and improvement of health, physical and mental performance, strengthen healt

h.Vitamin deficiencies also progresses due to disease (e.g. diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidney), which affects the elderly, but also because of the drugs, diets.Undergone surgical intervention, stress and poor environment also exert their influence on the lack of vitamins.

vitamin deficiency in the elderly - consequences


known that vitamins (other than vitamins that are fat soluble A, D and E, and a bit of B12), our body does not synthesize regularly, as they originally come with the productssupply.Very often, the elderly are not enough vitamin C. They need this antioxidant (per unit of body weight - over sixty years).This component is required to regulate the aging organism recovery processes, normalization of metabolism and protect lungs and improve the immune system, cholesterol metabolism.


vitamin deficiency such as tocopherol (otherwise - vitamin E).


deficiency of carotenoids (otherwise - vitamin A).Because of this progress and aggravated cardiovascular and oncological diseases.Well take the substance to the eye.


deficiency of B vitamins is bad for the stomach.B2, B6, B12, PP.Because of this, less work the gastrointestinal track (may appear atrophic gastritis), the body and the development of metabolic disorders.Lack of vitamins B, PP, especially folic acid - anemia.