Vitamin nutritional H

Vitamin H or as it is called biotin and vitamin B7, is found in many foods, this is the first of its dignity.Most vitamin H in the liver and kidneys, namely beef and pork and bovine heart and egg yolks.But this is not the whole list of foods that contain vitamin H, it is also present in sardines, herring, veal, beef, cheese and milk, ham and chicken meat.

Vitamin H Power

products for vegetarians should be fine tomatoes, bananas, cauliflower, apples, potatoes, mushrooms, melons, onions, as well as brown rice and green peas.Vitamin H is some difference in the two categories of products, it is meant that the vegetables and fruits, it is in a free state, and animal products - related proteins.Despite the fact that a lot of vitamin H in food varieties and we need it for our cells, it must be synthesized only in the intestine.With proper nutrition, as well as with the support of health will be a sufficient amount of vitamin H.

role of vitamin H in the human body

Vitamin H was discovered during rese

arch conducted in the laboratory, where rats were used to confirm this orgiven reaction.As a result of long work, the researchers concluded that the components of the same product are caused by different processes.That is, when the rats were fed with egg white, then they immediately began to get sick, and when the other gave the yolk - the symptoms disappeared.It is in this manner and it was found biotin.Of course, the scientists could not immediately figure out what it was for the matter, but 20 years later, they still come to the desired result.

way, without exaggeration, one can say that the beauty of the body, such as hair, nails and skin, does not depend on creams or tablets, namely due to vitamin H. Neither beauty salon or the center can not provide you the luxury hair orthe skin as it can make your healthy intestinal flora.Take care of the intestine is necessary, because it is a basic synthesizer biotin.Here is an example: to destroy the normal microflora in the gut is very easy, just enough to drink vodka, eat sweet cake or take any antibiotic.Just once in the intestines is reduced, this vitamin and therefore begin to fall the hair, the nails become brittle, sagging skin, wrinkles and folds.Therefore, to be beautiful and healthy, do not work at a pharmacy kiosk, enough to watch your lifestyle, eat right and maintain, so the microflora in the gut.The content of vitamin H in the food you now know and can adjust in your diet.