Vitamin B15 in food

Vitamin B15, also called pangamic acid, was first discovered in the bovine liver.Scientists have long tried to understand in what foods contain this vitamin.And later, he finally was artificially synthesized from apricot pits.This vitamin is very important.So, being a powerful antioxidant, this vitamin stimulates the adrenal glands and liver.As it increases the life of cells, and reduces the craving for alcohol.Besides this vitamin accelerates the replenishment of forces.

Vitamin B15 in food

Vitamin B15 products, most found in plant seeds.But when exposed to light and heat it collapses.Therefore, to replenish stocks B15 is recommended to use sesame seeds or pumpkin seeds.You can use them directly as baking.Very useful are the buns sprinkled with sesame seeds, or conventional, well-known to all from childhood - roasted pumpkin seeds (zucchini).As

vitamin B15 in the blood and liver of animals.Therefore, it will be useful to eat as products such as - blood sausage or liver dishes.It should be noted

that a lot of vitamin B15 found in brewer's yeast, so their use can replenish the balance of this vitamin in the body.People wishing to replenish stocks of B15, also should pay attention to Bashtaev culture.So, watermelon and melon contain a certain amount of pangamic acid.In addition, just as useful to eat grains, rice bran, and dishes made from them.

Although this vitamin in a certain amount is synthesized in the intestine, with its lack of people do not occur too often.Useful for such people are also dishes from almost any bean or buckwheat.Other grains are rich in this vitamin - a wheat and barley groats.Taking into account all this, it is worth noting that the most successful combination will be various pastries.

Vitamin B15 is also present in the bones of almonds.Therefore, if you add it to a batch, it will make it not only fragrant and pleasant to the taste, but additionally enrich its vitamin B 15.

Summing up what has been said about the content of Vitamin B15 in food, it can be seen that this vitamin is essential for normalfunctioning of the body, and thus easy to fill up at home, using simple products available.