Vitamin E in foods

Vitamin E is considered to be the main fighter with the aging of our body.Vitamin E protects the protein molecules of the so-called "free radicals" - it is aggressive pieces of molecules that cause aging.The content of vitamin E in foods is high, and you can make up the shortfall.

Vitamin E in food

basic food products, which contain vitamin E, or as it is called by another tocopherol, are the various vegetable oils, unrefined way in vitamin E oil contains much more than refined.If we compare the number of varieties of vegetable oils, it can be concluded that it is in sea buckthorn oil contains from 100 to 200 mg of the substance.Vitamin E is also in eggs, liver, cereals, such as buckwheat and oats, beans, raw nuts and seeds.Small amounts of vitamin E can be found in dairy products, fish, fruits and vegetables.Another source of vitamin E is considered herbs such as dandelion, alfalfa, nettle, oats, raspberries sheets, and more.

role of vitamin E in the human body


nourishes our cells;


Improves the walls of blood vessels;


Fights thrombi;


increases heart performance, and much more;

If you're after a loud party, corporate party or other rest, where drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, you feel the next day that you are broken, it testifies to the fact that it was destroyed by a large number of blood cells - red blood cells.In that case, do you know what the product contains vitamin E, which is useful to you to restore your health?This is a common vegetable, or flaxseed oil.But we should remember that in addition to vitamin E oil contains many harmful substances, this, this solution is very meticulous.

Deficiencies of vitamin E when used in food products

Still more disadvantages of vitamin E, in addition to the harmfulness of vegetable oil, is obesity, the degradation of the sexual life, the deterioration of the skin.At deficiency of vitamin mood abruptly disappears, it appears fatigue, indifference.This is due to violation of the transmission of nerve impulses, and all the organs begin to work not fully, saving energy.

Usual daily rate of tocopherol for children under 14 years of age ranges from 6 to 12 micrograms per day for adults is sufficient 12 mg for pregnant and breast-feeding, as already mentioned - 16 mg or more.In order for you to beat confident in their health, to plan children and not worry that you something sick is just, know and be able to eat properly, to determine that the harmful and, in what doses should be used.So take care of your health and the health of their children.

vitamin E overdose and its symptoms

If there was an overdose of vitamin E, you can feel the apathy, fatigue.Also, there are problems with digestion, impaired vision, and the person feels tired.Hazards are vitamin E overdose for smokers.There is an opinion, after hundred of nicotine overdose and vitamin E can get sick stroke.Also, if you suffer from allergies, since vitamin E often causes cardiovascular disease.

Worth, have as many natural products containing vitamin E. We advise to enter into the diet of root vegetables supply with wild berry bushes, rye bread, seaweed.Also recommend taking vitamins in the cold season.Thus it is necessary to take breaks.