Vitamin B12 in food

Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) Vitamin called surprising.The thing is, he's one of their water-soluble vitamins group has the ability to accumulate in the body - in the kidneys, liver, lungs.Vitamin B12 is found in many foods, and for proper use, to get the maximum benefit you need to know in what and how much.

Vitamin B12 in food products

If you are wondering about the presence of vitamin B12 in food, the answer for you would be the recommendation to eat more beef and veal liver.Many vitamin B12 and also in a dry low-fat milk.It is worth mentioning that one of the important sources of this vitamin are seafood.Thus, in particular, sardines, salmon and herring contain a lot of cyanocobalamin.A large amount of it as in oysters and crabs.But the meat - beef, pork and chicken it a little less.Still, with the regular use of these products in food, vitamin B12 reserves will be replenished in sufficient quantity.

Vitamin B12 is especially dangerous for vegetarians.Because it is simply nowhere to take in pl

ant foods.And if you do not eat fish, cheese, milk, meat or eggs - that B12 is simply nowhere to take.It should also be mentioned that in East pesticide treated seed do not, so there are microscopic insects which contain vitamin B12.However, in Europe processed grain, so it is not present in this vitamin.

Vitamin B12 is best absorbed in the presence of calcium.Therefore it is recommended to use together with products containing cyanocobalamin, cottage cheese.B12 Release may also be effected using beer yeast.And it does not mean that you need to drink more beer.You can take the dry yeast, or make pastries with their use.

How to get vitamin B12 to the body

This vitamin can be obtained only from animal products.In small quantities it is contained in soybeans and hops, yeast and seaweed, but people use these products often insufficient, and in small amounts.Additionally, this vitamin is resistant to high temperature and light, so it is easier in foods preserved.This vitamin is very necessary for the body, and is very important for him.However, artificially synthesize it is impossible - so complex its structure.

guided by knowledge of the content of vitamin B12 in food, eat meat products and baking - it will replenish the stock of vitamin and significantly improve your health and your loved ones.