Vitamin B1 in foods

Vitamin B1 is one of the most important for human beings.Another of his name - thiamine.Vitamin B1 is an active influence on the nervous system, is involved in the carbon exchange.Although normal human diet comprises a sufficient amount of vitamin B1, but not his lack uncommon, due to the disease and other factors.Therefore, it is crucial to replenish his stock.This is best done by eating certain foods with vitamin B1.

Vitamin B1 in Food

vitamin B1 rich in grain products, rice, wheat, and so on. D. But it should be remembered that, for example, rice, is rich in this vitamin, but if it is not cleared.Because of this, an important factor of a few decades ago, the disease was common in some countries in South-East Asia, affecting the nervous system - "beriberi."Because the power of inhabitants of these countries mainly consisted of refined rice.Thereafter, vitamin B1 has received the second name "beriberi vitamin."So be aware of this, in the preparation of rice dishes.

rich in thiamine, or vitamin B1

, as well, and beans.In addition, it is also found in peas and hazelnuts.A simpler way to replenish stocks B1 - the use of cereals.After all, in large quantities it contains such foods as oats, buckwheat, barley groats.A sufficient amount thereof to be the same in pork, milk, potatoes and fish.So do not be too carried away by a diet of cereals.Suffice it to normal nutrition, for this essential vitamin.

rich in vitamin B1 as yeast, baker's and brewer.Therefore, pastries too, is a source of thiamine.This should all remember that the B vitamins are water-soluble.Therefore, steaming, boiling, etc.consume about 60% of the vitamin, which is found in the original food product.

Vitamin B1 in fruits and vegetables

For effective replenishment of vitamin B1 can eat apples, or cabbage.These products also contain B1, and unlike the others, they can be used untreated, ieraw.It is also worth mentioning that in order to thiamine moved into the active form is necessary as well to diversify food products that are rich in magnesium.For example, oat and wheat bran, nuts and seaweed.It is also useful to use the beans, spinach and prawns.

important to remember that coffee and tea on the contrary impair the absorption of vitamin B1, so a lack of this vitamin, their use is not desirable.

Summing up the information on the content of vitamin B1 in food, it is worth noting that a balanced diet, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, especially in the season when it is available to everyone - can help you stay healthy and maintain a normal state of health.