How to cook the jam |How to cook the jam

There are a few rules of cooking jam.Remember, cook the jam "quick" does not work, it is necessary to devote time.How to cook the jam, we'll tell you.

How to cook the jam - advice

How to cook the jam - manual

To properly cook the jam, you need to cook it 3 times.Repeatedly cooking fruits and berries will become elastic and syrup - transparent.Prepared berries / fruits to cook the jam, pour sugar syrup and bring to a boil the berries, which are allowed in the sugar juice.Re-cooking is done when the jam has cooled after the first brew.

When the jam cook until ready

To properly prepare the jam when the jam when re cooking zaburlit, foam at the same time will no longer appear, then the jam is ready.Check the correct consistency as follows: put a drop of jam on a plate.If a drop of elastic and does not spread quickly, jam cook.

How to cook the jam - choose

sugar syrup Quality is extremely important in the preparation of jams, and for this reason, to take cooking jam pure sugar.Brown or yello

w sugar will not work.

Avoiding zasaharivaniya when cooking jam

Shortly before the end of cooking jam must be added for each kg of sugar, half a spoon of citric acid.This little secret for a long time retain the jam without zasaharivaniya.

Why jam is advisable not to interfere with cooking

To berries and fruit pieces are not falling apart and remained in one piece, do not jam mixed with the preparation.For stirring in a circular motion, you can simply shake jam.

How to cook the jam - remove foam

If you do not mix the jam, foam will appear in the center of the dishes.Therefore, it can be easily removed with a spoon.

We hope that we are available races told you how to make jam, and these tips will help you to easily and jam correctly.

How to cook the jam, and restore quality

to restore the quality of the cooked jam, which is fermented and acidified necessary by means of a sieve / colander to separate the syrup from the fruit or berries.Then pour the syrup in a copper basin / aluminum pot and add sugar, boil down to the desired thickness, add ottsezhenny previously fruits / berries and boil everything for 5-20 minutes.