Frozen jam - recipe |How to cook frozen jam

Jam is one of the most popular delicacies of our country.There are many options for making jam, but the summer is the way, frozen jam.How to cook frozen jam, we'll tell you below.

How to cook frozen jam - bases

To cook frozen jam, clean the dried berry and fill with sugar 1: 2 (sugar: berry) when let berry juice blender mash it or what you are comfortable, in general, do mashed potatoes.After that we place Sudoku package, and the package pour sauce and put in the freezer.After cooking the mixture for frozen jam freeze, remove it from the cruets and we put in the freezer in the form of bricks (so it takes less space).In the same way you can make jam, frozen currants, strawberries, cherries (without seeds), apricots and peaches.

Apple frozen jam - recipe


To cook frozen apple jam, before cutting into slices (2 cm thick) apples should be washed under running water, then peel and remove the core.After that the apples blanshiruem 5 minutes and immediately dipped in cold water.On the water from the

blanching prepare syrup for preparing frozen apple jam (kilos of sugar per kilogram of fruit).Fruits pour boiling syrup (about 600g of sugar and half a glass of water), then leave for three hours.Then we bring the future of apple jam to a boil frozen, holding a small fire.After five minutes, set aside.After 8 hours, repeat this procedure, add the remaining syrup.Quite a few repetitions, followed by frozen jam is ready.


To happened sugarcraft, add citric acid in the cooking process.

frozen cherry jam - Jam

To cook frozen cherry jam, clean the seeds from the cherries, pour the sugar and cook for 2-3 hours, you can be sure in the enameled basin and on low heat.Remove from the heat of 2-3 times, do not forget to remove the foam, bring to high heat until cooked.Method frozen cherry jam, if you like, with the bones of such same as jam from apples.

summer to eat frozen jam recipes which we have offered to you - a pleasure.