Cheesecake with jam - recipe |How to cook cheesecake with jam

Cheesecake with jam - a favorite treat children and adults.Anyone love to eat cheesecake with jam recipe which we give below, but here's how to cook cheesecake with jam home?In fact, cheesecake with jam - it's nothing fancy.For their preparation need only properly knead the dough and to comply with all the severity of the prescription.

Cheesecake with jam - recipe


To prepare the cheesecake with the jam, the dough is kneaded out of the ordinary flour, eggs (4 pieces), sour cream, sugar and butter, after which it is covered with a thin film and insisted half an hour in the cold.For these purposes, it may come up and your refrigerator.


Already from the dough for cheese cakes with jam, forming small bundles, which are cut in portions and rolled up into such small balls.Then simply roll them and place your baking sheet that is greased with sunflower oil.The edges cakes, cheesecakes for making jam for our recipe, you need to gently bend, thus making very small ledges.Brush bumpers egg and send i

t in the oven to brown the patties carefully.


Put into the middle of your cheesecakes apple jam and jam at the edges, such as currants.Bake in the oven until thoroughly cooked.Bon Appetit!

How to cook cheesecake with jam - advice

  • When cooking cheesecake with jam usually sting only edges, sort of a small round pie or cake might resemble.For filling it usually take sugar flavored cheese, but we are interested in the recipe of sweet cheese cakes with jam, and sometimes cooked and sweet - with potatoes, cheese and even meat.
  • cheesecakes recipe for jam is important to prepare a good lean dough yeast with the sugar and lemon zest.Then it roll very thinly, cut a round shape patty, give a bit of it in such a position on the table to get up, put in a cheesecake jam without syrup or baked and pureed apples or fresh berries, and then carefully pinch all around the edge, lay down on a sheet of iron, smeared with oliveoil, to rise in a warm place, then olive oil to grease, paste in a hot oven or oven;When almost ready, you can sprinkle a spoonful of sugar or fine again in the oven;When browned, serve hot, but it is possible and in a cold.
  • There is a very important moment in the preparation of cheesecake with jam, that jam tarts have to be baked in the oven or stove.Otherwise, in the microwave - it will not be as cheesecake.Jam added anyone who likes what.
  • Cheesecake with jam - a tasty treat from childhood.Cook it as you know, is not difficult.Just to show love to your family and children.And they appreciate it.