Jam with seeds - recipe |How to cook the jam with seeds

jam with seeds - this is the most favorite type of jam among housewives.This jam with seeds, there is a negative - a lot less jam persists.Jam with seeds, the recipe of which we present below, is not convenient to use because it offers, for example, will have to remove the bones - and it's not pretty.How to cook the jam with seeds, we will tell you today.

Apricot jam with seeds - recipe

ingredients for making jam with apricot seeds: 3 kg of apricots, 2.5 kg of sugar, 3 g of citric acid.

Preparation of apricot jam with seeds:


To make jam with seeds, apricots with a stone wash and thoroughly dry.Choose the best and are not damaged and can even be a little underripe.Simply divide into halves and select seeds.Bones wash separately and put them to cook on the fire for 30 minutes.And do apricots, to make jams with seeds according to our recipe, put in a pot for cooking their halves on top.Each layer of slices of apricots pour necessarily sugar.On top of the last layer pour the last remnants of

total sugar.


Let stand all this, 12 hours to make jams with seeds.When the apricots will have your first juice, then put apricots on a small fire and bring them to a boil, stirring gently apricots shovel that would jam with seeds not turned to mush.Jam with seeds you need to cook and constantly remove the foam and thus diminish the fire.Cook jam with seeds should be in a couple of taps, and the turning on and off the plate, with a total interval of about 20 minutes.At the end of cooking jam with seeds for this recipe, be sure to add citric acid.Sami bones after cooking you need to cool down and break.The kernels, add the jam, as an additive.After that, one more time, bring the jam to a boil with the bones.

How to cook the jam with seeds - recipe cherry jam


To make jam with seeds, cherries thoroughly washed, remove the stalk.Wooden ordinary toothpick make a hole in each berry in several places.


In a saucepan, boil the water to make a good jam with seeds, then remove from the heat and add the cherry finished (water should cover the berries).After 1.5 min.cherries in a colander recline.


From 1.5 cups of water and boil half sugar sweet syrup to make jams with seeds according to our recipe.


All this has to fill with boiling syrup sweet cherries and let it brew for around 4:00.Then put the jam on a small fire and bring it all to a boil, add the remaining sugar and cook for another 10 minutes later., Stirring and removing the foam.Remove from heat, cover and set aside for 6 hours.


again bring the jam with seeds to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes.