12 August

Jam made with gelatin - a prescription |How to cook the jam of gelatin

jam with the addition of gelatin - it's not exactly a natural jam.The fact that gelatin adds artificial density.Jam made with gelatin, a recipe which you will find below, - is a good option to vary your routine and familiar recipes and with some fun taste of home cooking.Cook jam with gelatin can be from almost any fruit and vegetables.How to cook the jam with gelatin, we'll tell you.

Jam with gelatin -

recipe ingredients to cook the jam with gelatin

ingredients cooking jam with gelatin 1 kg of berries or fruit, 1 kg of sugar, 40 gr.gelatin.

How to cook the jam with gelatin


To make jam with gelatin, take the desired berry or fruit, wash well separated from the bone, stalk, coarsely or finely chop, if necessary.


twisted fruit or berries in a meat grinder twice.Or you can cook and not from the crushed fruit, berry jam with gelatin.A further use is already a recipe according to your preference and taste for cooking jam with gelatin.


Thoroughly mix the sugar and gelatin for maki

ng jam with gelatin.


full fill fruit gelatin mixture with sugar and leave as such for 8 hours.


Bring mixture to a boil.Let it boil 5 minutes quietly when it is necessary to stir constantly.


Then just fill well-washed and sterilized jars already boiling jam with gelatin and roll them under cover.


Leave to cool, then put into the cold to complete desolation jam with gelatin.Especially delicious is jam with gelatin obtained from fresh peaches, apricots, plums.

How to cook the jam with gelatin and strawberry rhubarb


To make jam with gelatin for this recipe, in a huge pot to mix the rhubarb with the sugar.Cover it and let sit for 1 night.


The following day, making jam with gelatin Boil rhubarb with sugar over medium heat.Cook, stirring sure, 12 minutes at the small fire.Then remove the pan from the heat and pour into the pan full of jelly powder from a bag.Lay then in sterile banks.Banks roll up or desirable place in the refrigerator.That's all.Enjoy!

rhubarb jam with pineapple and strawberry gelatin - a recipe


To make jam with gelatin, in the very large saucepan, mix three ingredients: rhubarb, sugar and pineapple.Bring this mixture to a boil over medium heat.Cook then it's 10 minutes, stirring frequently with a spoon.At the same time you need to sterilize the jars.


Once the rhubarb boil for 10 minutes, you need to immediately remove from heat and add to the pot of strawberry jelly powder for making jam with gelatin according to our recipe.Transfer the whole mixture into sterilized jars, cover and boil all the banks about 15 minutes (the water came to the banks to the shoulders).Cool jar.Those that are not closed properly, store in the refrigerator.