Five-minute jam - recipe |How to prepare a five-minute jam

Jam Orientation meeting, the recipe of which you will find in this article, it is very easy to prepare.Jam Orientation meeting should be done as quickly as possible.Jam Orientation meeting - this is the speed jam, which only can be.The most common five-minute jam made from black currant.How to prepare a five-minute jam?

five-minute jam - recipe variations composition

Jam "five-minute" Black currant - a recipe

We need: black currant - 1.5 kg;sugar - 2 kg;Water - 1.5 Art.

Jam "five-minute" of strawberries - a recipe

We need: strawberry - 1.5 kg;sugar - 1.5 kg;water - 1 cup.

How to prepare a five-minute jam - manual


To prepare a five-minute jam, berries, we thoroughly washed, then thrown back them in a colander to glass excess fluid completely.


From the desired volume of water and sugar syrup boil strong for the preparation of five-minute jam, in a large enameled pot or bowl.


Then, omit it strawberries, strawberries or currants.Watching what we're going to do our five-minute

jam.From any berry jam Orientation meeting will turn out very tasty.


After already as five-minute jam, cooked according to our recipe, boil, we will cook it for another 5 minutes.


If we want the berries remained virtually intact, it is necessary to shake the bowl or shake a little from side to side during cooking.To happened puree or jelly, mix berries with wooden shovel bargaining.


Next to prepare a five-minute jam again bring to a boil, then boil for 5 minutes and swing the pot further.


the third time doing everything similarly, that is, as a result, we are obliged to cook the jam Orientation meeting three full times in 5 minutes.


already preparing hot five-minute jam, cooked according to our recipe, pour into sterilized jars for a long time, which roll up metal covers (wraps until cool) or simply close the lid very tight kapron.

How to store jam Orientation meeting

This five-minute jam can be stored at room temperature, and the jam with caps of nylon should be sure to put in a cool place - in the winter can be even on a balcony.This jam berries produced almost as fresh and vitamins in them much more.Pyatiminutok only when cooking is not necessary in any case to add water.In the preparation of five-minute jam of cherry, it is necessary to carefully select and wash.Better for the five-minute jam bone removed from the cherry.Jam Orientation meeting most useful jam from a huge list.