Jam with fructose - a prescription |How to cook the jam with fructose

Jam with fructose perfect patients for diabetes, because the fructose they allowed.However, for healthy people, the fructose is very important, so this jam with fructose, the recipe of which we now present, it is possible to cook for the whole family.Recipe jam with fructose is quite simple.Its peculiarity is that it is not used a single gram of sugar, but instead - fructose.How to cook the jam with fruc


Features cooking jam with fructose

Fructose is not just very well emphasizes the taste and smell of fresh berries, it is still an ideal substitute for sugar in the preparation of jams.It is only necessary to remember that the fructose in their properties brightens any berries in the preparation of jams.Long store is jam with fructose will not work.And only in the preparation of the most beloved by all - strawberry jam fructose behaves, as well as sucrose.That is, a jam can be stored for a long time and did not change its color.

Jam with fructose - recipe

ingredients to cook the jam with fructose

jam Ingredients for fructose to be performed strictly: berries or fruit, of which plan to make jam - 1 kg, sugar - 650 grams, water.- 2 cups.For the preparation of jams with fructose, we need enameled saucepan with a lid;if it is a peach jam - the ripe peaches - 4 kg;then 4 large lemon with very thin crust and not bitter;polukilogrammovaya packaging fructose to taste, you can add more and take one stogrammovuyu pack.

How to cook the jam with fructose - User


To make jam with fructose, carefully wash the berries, remove if there is such a need, bone.


Then separately cook the syrup from the water and fructose for cooking jam with fructose.To increase the density of the need to add gelatin or pectin and baking soda.According to the technology you just need to boil this mixture.


The pre-prepared fruit we simply add the syrup and bring it all to a boil.Cook jam with fructose and then on low heat for 5-7 minutes (from the long heat-treating fructose alters their properties, so do not even have to think about 20 minutes).


Then the finished jam with fructose, waiting for a little cool down and decompose in dry jars and cover with lid.Tightly close.


Banks necessarily sterilize, put them in a pot of water on a small fire.Paul liter jars to sterilize 10 minutes, and the liter -15.

cooking tips jam with fructose

If this is the peach jam with fructose, they should be free from bones, cut into fairly large pieces.Lemons cut.Mix peaches and lemons, all falling asleep half the entire fructose, let stand at least overnight, covered.When the juice, then it is time to cook.This jam with fructose is not only useful but also very tasty.