Rosehip jam - recipe |How to prepare jam from rose hips

Few preparing a jam from the hips, the recipe of which you will find below.In fact, such a jam - very tasty, if you know how to cook jam from rose hips.Jam made from rose hips not only a very nice flavor and taste, but in reality is just the most useful delicacy.Cook the jam is not difficult from the hips, do not worry - the result certainly will please not only you but your entire family.

rosehip jam - recipe

Ingredients to prepare jam from rose hips

Ingredients Cooking jam from the hips in this recipe, come from in such proportions: 1 kg of rose hips, 500g.Granulated sugar, 1 lemon.All ingredients must be fresh, and it is possible to take the brown sugar for more sweetness.

How to cook the jam from the hips - User


In order to have a good and quick to cook a delicious jam from the hips need to collect tasty fruits, they must necessarily be ripe.Then hips should be washed, then dry with a towel.Then you have to cut the fruit of rose hips and very quietly remove seeds and fluff to prepar

e jam from rose hips.


In a vessel for direct cooking jam from the hips need to pour the sugar and pour enough water, then put on a little fire and wait until the boil.


In the already cooked sweet syrup to make jams from the hips to put already prepared hips and then pour the juice of one fresh lemon.After that, all you need to send to the heated syrup, and the fire must be weak, and when cooking must be periodically removed from it rosehip jam foam skimmer.


After almost all berries will fall to the bottom, they just need to get it.A syrup, which is in the bowl, you need to boil, then pour on top of the hips through a fine sieve to make jams from the hips.You must rosehip jam sure to shake a few times, then put on the stove and boil again properly.In a jam, you can even add a wild rose and wild rose leaves themselves.


Banks jam from the hips, use glass, you need to prepare a little bit earlier.To do this, all banks have to be sterilized, and then - well dried, it is better to do it in your home a warm oven.


It is important that the finished rosehip jam simply and accurately sort through all the jars and roll up tightly.It is best to store jam in half-liter or liter jars.

rosehip jam - it is unusual and very tasty!