Mulberry jam - recipe |How to cook the jam of Mulberry

mulberry jam - it is quite unusual, but when talking about the berry, many in memory appear stained blue and dark purple hands and face, and a pleasant sweet taste.If you want to keep a piece of this summer mood, you need to have to know how to cook jam Mulberry, the recipe of which you will find below.

mulberry jam - recipe


To make mulberry jam, berry first carefully washed, then poured into water and allowed to dry off completely.Then pour already hot, but not boiling syrup.It is important.Syrup of mulberry jam should not boil.


This mixture should cook on heat for 5 minutes, then give it a little cool to room temperature for cooking jam of Mulberry.


Then a pan with already the future of mulberry jam again, put on the fire for 10 minutes and cooled again.


When it was last put posudinku jam mulberry on fire and cook until it has cooked.At this stage, sometimes added citric acid, for those who are very sweet.


already finished boiling mulberry jam, cooked according to our r

ecipe, pour into the prepared container and sealed, inverted and then even cooled.Keep a mulberry jam is best in a dark and cool place.And so, the ingredients for the jam of Mulberry: Mulberry needed - 1 kg, sugar - 1 1/2 kg, water chistaya- 2 cups, citric acid - 2-3 of

How to cook jam Mulberry - alternative recipe


to make mulberry jam, syrup completely drenched fruits already stand about 3-4 hours. Then they recline on a sieve or colander, and then the syrup is boiled to the boiling temperature of 104-105 ° C.As already completely finished syrup dipped Tilt fruits and cook them later over high heat until cooked, to make jams from mulberry by our recipe.


For all possible ways of making jam from Mulberry, at the end of the most recent uvarki jam mulberry add a little, 2-3 g of citric or tartaric acid per 1 kg of mulberry.This need for a more saturated color jam.Ready boiling jam mulberry necessarily poured into already warmed and completely dry jars, cover with boiled lids good, hermetically sealed, and is usually 0 inverted neck down and cooled.