Blueberry jam - recipe |How to make jam from blueberries

their blueberry jam recipe which you will find below, is really simple in cooking.You just need to follow the clear instructions on the preparation of blueberry jam, and then you have undoubtedly come a delicious blueberry to make blueberry jam, we'll tell you.

blueberry jam - recipe


To make blueberry jam, before cooking blueberries need to very carefully go through.Then thoroughly wash the berries need to prepare jam from blueberries.


Washed blueberries it is necessary to blanch.Through this process, the preparation of berry jam from blueberries will not burst, and retain their shape in the preparation of blueberry jam.Then, in a small saucepan need to pour the purified water and boil it, then pour it has washed berries and boil it somewhere 5 minutes.After just put all the berries in a colander, and only the remaining broth of blueberry simply pour into the pan to cook the jam from blueberries.


More needs to be done on bilberry broth of sugar syrup to cook jam from blueberr

ies.In this broth need to add sugar and boil on the stove to send, until sugar has dissolved completely, leaving no pellets.


Then another podvarennuyu blueberries need to put a special container for making blueberry jam and pour on top of prepared sugar syrup.All this mass should boil together, then jam from blueberries should be removed from direct flame and wait until it cools down.Then repeat the whole procedure again.


parallel and boiling mixture of blueberries, you need to cook the juice from the lemon and add it to the boiling jam, blueberries and even then boil all together for about 5 minutes.So jam from blueberries get saturated and full of flavor accents.


Banks to use for jam from blueberries, cooked according to our recipe, you need to rinse, then sterilized.Then another, and dried in a warm oven.Because of blueberry jam is filled only in the warmer banks.


Banks definitely need to put down the neck.So they should be stored.