Feijoa jam - recipe |How to cook the jam feijoa

jam feijoa divinely delicious to eat with tea, can they just watered homemade pancakes, cheese cakes, fritters, or even simply delicious add it into soft cheese - go a very nice and useful fruit cheesecake.Recipe of feijoa jam you will find in this article.

How to make jam feijoa - bases

jam feijoa - a very interesting recipe that consists of several elements.Feijoa itself is not interesting.While modern cooks have learned from just sugar and feijoa make excellent jam.Recipe of feijoa jam can be so intense and at the same time so simple that you need to look at all and simply select the appropriate for you.

fact, feijoa jam - it's not quite the jam, it's a dish with cooking which, even really do not have anything to cook.This all goes just cooking a minimum of time - no more than half an hour and you need only two products: pineapple guava, and sugar.

feijoa jam - recipe


To prepare jam feijoa, Feijoa first thing you need to wash well and cut off all the ends.Do not be afraid, brownish spots

on the fruit feijoa - is a vivid sign of their maturity, so it should not be cut, and even need to buy these are the results.


already carefully peeled fruit feijoa need to mince, even twice or chop in a blender and then again.It is crushing already directly depends on your personal taste, experts advise to larger pieces.They are easier to prepare jam feijoa.


To prepare jam feijoa need to cut up the fruit you need to add sugar and mix carefully.You can even give a little to stand up to the future "jam" to the sugar has completely dissolved and was not felt, no crystals at trial.


Cook here to make jams of feijoa is not necessary.So, now you need only to spread the finished jam feijoa on the banks (if you will be storing, the banks need to be sure to sterilize) and then close the lid tightly.

How to store jam feijoa

Store is jam feijoa best in the refrigerator or cellar at a temperature no higher than 10 degrees.The very next day the mass thickens and becomes jelly-like and more rich-green, on this it is used to decorate cakes, and other desserts pirozhenok.One must not forget to use strushivat bank - which would jam feijoa evenly distributed with slices.